Why is Ballistic Suit Vest-style?

Why is Ballistic Suit Vest-style?

With the development of science and technology, after the birth of ballistic armor suits and bulletproof helmets, soldiers finally got effective protection. Ballistic armor suits are also called bulletproof vests. The place it can provide protection is extremely limited, only the area in front of you. So since ballistic armor suit can effectively protect against bullets, why not protect both arms and legs?

1. Why are ballistic armor suits all vest-style?

In fact, the reality is very cruel. If the ballistic armor suit protects all the limbs of the soldier, it is likely to increase the casualty rate of the soldier.

If a soldier wears a ballistic armor suit and is shot by the enemy head-on, no matter how tightly he is protected, it cannot guarantee his safety. Of course, human beings have the conditions to create a ballistic armor suit that can withstand any bullet damage. If a steel plate of a few centimeters thick is used for protection, it is impossible for a bullet to penetrate the ballistic armor suit, but the soldier will definitely be unable to move after wearing this ballistic armor suit.

Even if the ballistic armor suit provided by bulletproof vest factory that can only partially defend against bullets is worn on the body, it will affect the soldiers' actions. If the soldiers' limbs are protected by these ballistic armor suit, the soldiers' hands and feet may not be able to move normally. Split-board ballistic armor suit will bring a great burden to soldiers, and ballistic armor suit will also restrict the soldiers' actions to a certain extent. Originally, ballistic armor suit was used to prevent bullet shell fragments. The thing that caused the most casualties on the battlefield is shells. The ballistic armor suit and bulletproof helmets actually serve this purpose.

2. Another important reason for the vest style of ballistic armor suit

Of course, there is another important reason. The head and human torso are the most important parts of the body. Once these two places are attacked, it will be fatal in all likelihood. The limbs are different. Even if limbs are shot, the probability of surviving is still very high. Instead of wearing a bulletproof body suit that prevents your movements to protect your limbs, it is better to increase your flexibility and increase your chances of survival through flexible tactical movements.

The fighters' tactical movements are all done by the limbs. If the limbs are wrapped, it is difficult to complete the tactical movements. Even the soft ballistic armor suit will slow down the fighters' movements. When more protective gear is put on, because it is too hot, it will also cause a huge consumption of physical strength, especially when worn on the legs, the effect is greater. More force are required and there will be more sweat. After the future technology continues to develop, the ballistic armor suit will definitely become more and more advanced, and perhaps the soldiers will fight like future soldiers.

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