How Much Do You Know About Ballistic Helmets?

How Much Do You Know About Ballistic Helmets?

Nowadays, the ballistic helmet has become an indispensable member of safety equipment in some police agencies and military. Its function is not only limited to military aspects, but any organization or even individual that needs security protection can also be equipped with ballistic helmets as needed. For example, special police forces, riot police, and even patrol officers can be equipped with ballistic helmets. The ballistic helmets are an indispensable protective equipment in many military, security agencies and national defense departments. I believe everyone is no stranger to ballistic helmets. So how much do you know about ballistic helmets?

1. Definition of the ballistic helmet

The ballistic helmet is a high-strength tactical helmet made of special materials such as Kevlar and PE that can defend against bullet attacks to a certain extent. But many people have a certain misunderstanding about ballistic helmets. They think that ballistic helmets can completely resist bullet shooting. This phenomenon is not difficult to understand, because the word "ballistic" itself is misleading. It means that it cannot be penetrated by bullets. In fact, no bulletproof equipment cannot be penetrated. When the bullet is powerful enough and the number of shots is high, any kind of ballistic helmet will be destroyed.

2. Types of ballistic helmets

At present, according to anti riot helmet manufacturers, there are three main types of ballistic helmets: FAST helmets, MICH helmets and PASGT helmets. Different helmets will have different structural and functional designs, and some required equipment can usually be worn by installing guide rails. For example, MICH ballistic helmet of XINXING JIHUA INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO., LTD. is made of bulletproof materials PE or aramid; MICH ballistic helmet is light in weight and stable in movement; it is aimed at the 0.44 protection level NIJ IIIA. MICH ballistic helmet can provide ear protection. The 4-point sling system fits safely. MICH ballistic helmets have patches and velcro loops of illuminators. MICH ballistic helmets are waterproof, UV-resistant, wear-resistant, and heat-resistant.

3. The weight of the ballistic helmet

Anyone who knows about ballistic helmets knows that the defense level and protection area that ballistic helmets can reach so far, and the protective materials determine the weight of the helmet. The higher the defense level and bigger the protection area, the heavier the helmet is. The PE helmet is lighter than the aramid helmet, but the PE helmet is not resistant to high temperature.

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