What Are the Considerations when Buying Combat Boots?

What Are the Considerations when Buying Combat Boots?

Leather is often used as the body of combat boots. All leather combat boots are known for their durability, especially genuine ones, since they can withstand the harshest environments. The full-grain leather is even waterproof, perfect for keeping your feet dry.

To make the boots lighter, manufacturers combine leather with a nylon textile upper. The fabric is soft and keeps feet dry and cool. For extra durability, look for ballistic nylon or something with a higher denier. Look for easy-to-use side zippers, though laces provide better heel support. For the best of both worlds, choose combat boots with side zippers and laces. Besides these, what else do we need to pay attention to when buying combat boots? As one of the most experienced military combat boots manufacturers, we will tell you more details.

1. The size of combat boots

The fit of your combat boots can affect your performance. You will want boots that are neither too small nor too big. Like any shoe, the booster should fit snugly without restricting your foot movement. Trying on boots yourself is the best way to get the perfect fit. If you plan to wear insoles or socks, wear them so you can find the most comfortable fit. In general, there should be a small space between the end of the insole of the boot and the end of the longest toe. If you're shopping online, check the manufacturer's size guide. You can refer to your normal running shoe size as they are almost the same size as combat boots. Remember that US sizes are usually one size larger than UK sizes.

2. The performance outsole of combat boots

XinXing JiHua is one of the most professional military supplies suppliers in the world, for better ground hold, look for combat boots with good traction outsoles. The rubber outsole is abrasion resistant and won't slip on oily surfaces. TPU or thermal polyurethane soles provide better abrasion resistance, oil resistance and other range elements. The deep multi-directional sole provides the boot with good control and traction while running. An aggressive outsole keeps the boot from sliding when traversing loose gravel and sand. It provides reliable traction even when walking in the mud. Combat boots with anti-slip features are better at providing a firm footing in all types of inclement weather conditions or when sprinting on wet or greasy floors.

3. The support of combat boots

The most comfortable combat boots offer the best cushioning and support. Look for shock-absorbing EVA midsoles as they can withstand any potential challenges during running or walking. The midsole is the part that provides rebound and cushioning, it helps protect your feet from sharp or hard objects underneath. A well-made midsole usually follows the foot line.

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