What Are the Precautions Before Buying a Bulletproof Vest?

What Are the Precautions Before Buying a Bulletproof Vest?

Ⅰ. About the bulletproof vest

Soft body armor resists pistol bullets, and they're very flexible and comfortable to wear. On the other hand, hard body armor can resist rifle bullets, and they're not that flexible. Stab-resistant body armor protects against knives and spikes. When choosing between soft and hard armor panels, the initial choice seemed fairly obvious.

Ⅱ. The things you should pay attention to before buying a bulletproof vest

1. Comfortable. Many people may think this is not important, but comfort is the biggest necessity for bulletproof vest armor. The pieces you choose should not be too soft, nor too hard and uncomfortable. Fitted armor is the most comfortable, neither too tight nor too loose. It should provide you with adequate security while being as comfortable as possible for prolonged use. If a bulletproof vest does not fit properly, it may also fail to protect all the vital organs of the body.

2. The weight of the bulletproof vest. The most notable improvement to the bulletproof vest since its introduction has been the reduction in weight. In the past, body armor was cumbersome, and police sometimes complained that it was too heavy, making it difficult to put on and hunt down killers. But today, most manufacturers of protective vests make sure to offer lightweight bulletproof vests to make it easier and more suitable for police officers and ordinary people. Be sure to check the weight of the body armor before buying it to make sure it's light and practical.

3. The mobility of the vest. Mobility varies with the size of the bulletproof vest; the larger the vest, the more secure it is, resulting in lower functionality. The stiffness of the vest should not be taken lightly; it can have serious and unfortunate consequences. Bulletproof vests must be comfortable and light enough to ensure an optimal level of exercise. If your vest is too heavy or too small for your torso, then you can imagine how difficult it is for a person to move your hands. Delaying action in tactical situations can have fatal consequences. So, pay attention and always make an informed choice.

4. The durability of the vest fabric. Imagine your vest being ripped off in a chase situation, you never imagine what a second will do to your life. Durability is equally important, acknowledged and taken care of when shopping for bulletproof vests. Before buying, the quality of the vest must be checked in-house at the manufacturer of bulletproof armor. It also helps to think about what to wear under the body armor. Therefore, when shopping for body armor products, always pay attention to the durability of the vest. Quick reaction and movement are very important in tactical situations. Sometimes, bulletproof vests and body armor can cause skin abrasions. Always perform the necessary analysis on some of the materials that make up the vest to avoid skin discomfort.

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