Types and Selection of Bulletproof Jacket

Types and Selection of Bulletproof Jacket

Why do you need the bulletproof jacket?

Throughout history, there have been political uprisings, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, street riots, and crime waves. The next is a shortage of food, water, and supplies, which leads to people becoming desperate. Unfortunately, we all run the risk of finding ourselves in this kind of chaos. You should also consider buying bulletproof jackets for yourself and your family, so you can have some protection against bullets. If you assume that bulletproof jackets can only be purchased by the military and law enforcement, that is incorrect.

The fact is that bulletproof jackets are more accessible than ever before, and affordable for most people. Bulletproof jackets come in various levels of protection, styles, and shapes. Bulletproof jackets can be traced back thousands of years, as people have always been at war with each other. Whenever it involves deadly weapons, some kind of armor is always needed to protect the body. These may be metal armor, woven chains, tough leather, or something else. Bulletproof jackets have always protected the military, peacekeeping forces, law enforcement agencies, and ordinary civilians in one form or another. Bulletproof jackets continue to evolve, and today we have bulletproof jackets to protect us from being hit. In fact, bulletproof jackets can provide a certain level of protection for your family, and it is a way to protect them from bullets flying out of the window.

Types of the bulletproof jacket

There are many different types of bulletproof jackets. One type of armor is the concealable jacket, which is typically worn by police officers. Concealable jackets can protect them from handgun, knife attacks, and broken glass, but cannot resist rifle bullets. Police officers face criminals who are more likely to be armed with guns and knives than waving rifles, so they prefer to wear concealed armor because they feel they are adequately protected.

However, soldiers often face more serious threats, so they prefer to protect the "outer war plate." These plates are obviously worn on uniforms and provide more protection to resist AK bullets than hidden jackets. There are several different types of outer plates: you can choose stand-alone (some with comfortable padding), multi-piece plates or plates combined with special features, such as leather covers, magazine racks or small pockets for other gear.

Among these options, the military prefers the multi-piece system. So, what types of threats might you face? What do you and your family need, concealed jackets or outer plates? Frankly speaking, in a disaster, a protective outer plate for each of you would be better. In that case, you don't need to hide the fact that you are wearing a bulletproof jacket, what you need is the best bulletproof jacket protection.

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