What Are the Reasons for Soldiers Wearing Military Boots Instead of Athletic Shoes?

What Are the Reasons for Soldiers Wearing Military Boots Instead of Athletic Shoes?

Most people know that the most common training in the military is heavy-load running, which often appears in movies and TV shows. Long-distance running can enhance the physical strength and endurance of ordinary people and soldiers, helping them have a strong body and steady mental quality. When ordinary people run, they usually wear running shoes, but soldiers are different. They always wear military boots when running. Many people are puzzled by this. Military boots look very heavy and wearing them to run must be uncomfortable and tiring. So, why do soldiers never wear sports shoes but military boots?

1. The role of military boots in World War I and World War II

In World War I, due to the fact that the shoes of the British and French armies were low-cut, many soldiers in the trenches suffered from "trench foot", while Germany had used high-top military boots since the Bismarck era, so there were far fewer cases of trench foot. By World War II, the military boots of various western countries were mainly large leather boots. Military boots have many advantages. The height of the boots is just below the muscles of the calf, and there is a circle of sponge on the boots. After intense movement, this height helps to support the muscles and the sponge can help blood flow back faster, reducing fatigue in the calf muscles.

2. Reasons why soldiers wear military boots instead of sports shoes

In fact, there are many reasons. First, wearing uniform camouflage clothing and military boots will give everyone a sense of belonging and make it easier to feel the sense of honor and mission of being a soldier.

The second reason is that military boots can protect the ankles. Under high-intensity training, military boots are not easily worn out. In harsh environments, military boots can also protect the feet to some extent. Moreover, military boots are adjusted according to different combat environments. For example, special police officers often operate in urban areas, so the soles of their boots are softer. The shoe sole has a dense pattern, which ensures that the military boots have a certain silencing effect.

In regular training, the purpose is to train the physical fitness and willpower of soldiers. Soldiers do not need to strictly require their shoes, like athletes who need to speed up. Compared with lightweight sports shoes with faster speed, military boots specially designed for soldiers are superior in protection and quality.

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