Tactical Vest

Tactical Vest

Besides existing tactical vests, we accept customized tactical combat vest orders, by providing your tactical jacket pattern, function, parameter request, and other detailed information, XinXing JiHua would like to produce a special tactical vest for the global government. With a ballistic plate carrier, the tactical vest can be updated to a ballistic vest. Molle system and multifunctional camouflage fabric can be optional.

Tactical Vest
Tactical Vest Types
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Tactical Assault Vest
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Tactical Vest With Pistol Holster
Tactical Vest

What does a tactical vest do?

A tactical vest is a user wears on the outside, used to mount a variety of ammunition, small equipment, and communication tools equipment. With wear-resistant, lightweight, and other characteristics are now widely used by the world's military and police equipment. Tactical vests generally do not have ballistic protection and need to be installed by the ballistic inserts, ballistic side enclosures, and other accessories to achieve ballistic protection. The tactical vest is a kind of individual combat equipment that can be worn by most of the equipment needed for personal combat integration, in order to facilitate the battle can be convenient and fast access to the equipment of the single combat equipment.

What vest do police use?

Tactical undershirts can be broadly distinguished into the following categories.

  • Attack (ASSAULT): In the operation usually carry large reserve ammunition, grenades (fragmentation, smoke, shock, flashbangs, etc.), tools (door breaking, dropping, demolition, etc.), radio, short-barreled shotgun, personal first aid supplies, etc., CQB (CLOSEQUARTERBATTLE, indoor close quarters combat) or CT ( COUNTERTERRORIST) necessary for the mission. The above equipment requires easy to carry and quick access in the operation, in order to cope with instantaneous emergencies, to achieve the best attack effect. This type of tactical undershirt is also the most commonly used tactical undershirt and is generally distinguished into two categories: military and police.

  • Sniper: general police or military special units snipers, sometimes may perform long-range sniper tasks, such as the two snipers described in the Fire Warrior film. Need to carry a certain amount of ammunition (with the possibility of receiving the enemy), record books, long-distance cameras (for surveillance and video recording), video communication equipment (which can be recorded to the image transmitted to the command post), dry food, water, first aid supplies, etc. In addition, special forces performing long-range reconnaissance missions additionally carry small global positioning systems (GPS), satellite communications equipment, and other special equipment.

Q Can The Tactical Vest Be Bullet Proof?

We can customize tactical vest plate carrier into tactical vest, by inserting bulletproof board to achieve bulletproof protection. The bulletproof vest can be worn inside the tactical vest.

Q How To Choose A Good Tactical Vest?

We will design tactical vest according to your mission and requirement. MOLLE system, breathable, light weight, durable and other functional factors will be considered.

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