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This section mainly shows some outdoor military gear, such as military tent, military net and other outdoor gears. It is mainly used for long- and short-term residential use such as field surveys, construction sites, disaster relief and flood prevention. Special for military tent is very essential in a complex field environment, which can ensure safety when soldiers are resting.

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Tent & Outdoor

Description of Military Tent

The military tent looks simple but very practical, although it was originally designed for soldiers to use when marching in the field, but, because of its very reliable quality, it is now very widely used. Moreover, in the event of a disaster, the quality of reassuring military tents is also one of the important supplies.

Advantages of Military Tent

  • Canopy fabric higher quality.

    Ordinary construction tents used is the canopy fabric is usually Oxford cloth, but the tent fabric used by the military tent is waterproof canvas, and there is no odor. Therefore, the military tent is not only more comprehensive specifications, and compared with ordinary construction tents, the quality of the tarpaulin used is also higher, to provide a more comfortable and warm living space.

  • Good stability.

    And ordinary tents compared to the military tent internal bracket using galvanized round tube and also set the ground beam, making its structure more reasonable so have higher stability, the use of materials not only has the advantages of light weight, high tensile strength, and high acid and alkali resistance, can withstand eight levels of wind and eight centimeters thick snow load, in a variety of harsh field environment can also be used safely.

  • Easy to carry and transport.

    Military tent packaging volume is small, all the parts are packed in the cloth bag, the form is neat and regular, so that it is easy to carry with the car long distance, even if the human short distance transport is also very convenient. In addition, because the military tent adopts the steel frame structure, the structure is simple, so it is convenient to display and collect, only need a relatively short time to set up or withdraw it.

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