Importance of the Anti Riot Shield

Importance of the Anti Riot Shield

The shield has a very long history. Since there were people's war, there were shields. Shields have long been thought of being a magical weapon used to defend soldiers' lives on the battlefield. Shields have evolved and improved with the advancement of human civilization. The initial shields were just animal skins, used to defend swords and bows and arrows, and then metal shields appeared. Now there are shields with powerful anti-riot function made of various high-performance and advanced materials. The development history of the shield is very long, and great changes have taken place.

Ⅰ. Importance of the anti riot shield

When violent activities occur, the police must act quickly to contain the violent terrorist activities and reduce the casualties of innocent people. Riot shields play a perfect protective role in police law enforcement.

With the evolution of warfare, various weapons continue to be updated and upgraded, and combat scenarios become more complicated. In many cases, simple body armour and bulletproof panels can no longer meet warfighters' needs to maintain their safety. In contrast, riot shields and bulletproof body suit can provide users with more comprehensive protection by a more extensive protection area and a higher level of security. Therefore, in some military and special police forces, riot shields and body armour have become essential equipment.

Ⅱ. Hand-held anti riot shield

Hand-held anti riot shields are usually equipped with two handles on the back, which left-handed or right-handed users can use at the same time, and are also equipped with bulletproof glass observation windows or sight glasses to facilitate observation of the external situation. Hand-held riot shields are mainly suitable for combat scenarios with more complex terrain, such as relatively narrow stairs or passages. Hand-held riot shields are more flexible to use and can be better matched with guns and other weapons.

Ⅲ. The size and weight of the anti riot shield

The larger the size of the riot shield, the larger the protective area, but the higher the weight. If the size is too large, the multi curve ceramic plates will be too heavy, and it will be challenging to use, affecting the user's flexibility. If you only pursue light weight and choose a smaller shield, its too small protective area may not provide effective protection for the user.

The anti-riot shield uses high-strength PC material. This material has high strength, good toughness, strong impact resistance and good puncture resistance. In addition, this material has good cushioning and anti-vibration properties. This material is strong and durable, and is currently one of the most ideal anti-riot shield materials. Our anti-riot shields are light, highly transparent, beautiful and durable, and can show the majesty of users.

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