Using and Precautions for Anti-Riot Helmets

Using and Precautions for Anti-Riot Helmets

What is the anti-riot helmet?

Anti-riot helmet is one of the necessary equipment for riot control personnel. The shell of the anti-riot helmet is designed according to relevant standards and is made of PC alloy, which has the advantages of being lightweight, strong, beautiful, sleek, and with a good light transmittance and broad vision for the visor. It is comfortable and reliable to wear and easy to put on and take off. It is an essential protective gear for law enforcement personnel to ensure their own safety in anti-terrorism and anti-riot struggles.

The anti-riot helmet is different from ordinary safety helmets. In order to prevent attacks, it is designed with a two-stage opening method, and its structure is divided into three parts: the visor, the helmet, and the neck protector. The visor is made of organic glass and is labeled with fluorescent signs, which can be easily recognized even at night. The anti-riot helmet has the features of lightweight, full protective coverage, resistance to impacts and corrosion, and is even resistant to burning bottles, torches, and other objects. It can withstand knife stabs, cuts, and hard object impacts, and has good anti-riot, waterproof, moisture-proof, and fire-resistant properties. It can resist violent attacks with gravity.

How to use the anti-riot helmet?

Anti-riot helmet can protect law enforcement personnel from being hit or injured by criminals on the head and face, but the anti-riot helmet also needs to be used correctly to play a protective role. So how to use the anti-riot helmet?

  • Before using the anti-riot helmet, users should first choose the appropriate product size according to their own head size.

  • After selecting the appropriate size of the anti-riot helmet, lift the visor upward, pull the sides of the strap with your fingers to expand the opening.

  • Tilt the helmet forward and wear the forehead into the helmet first, then pull it down to wear the helmet completely.

  • After wearing the helmet, shake the helmet back and forth and left and right to make sure it is comfortable to wear, and then fasten the buckle and ensure it is firmly connected. Then pull the visor down to make the waterproof rubber strip of the visor and the front of the helmet shell tightly sealed.

  • To remove the helmet, undo the strap, press and pull the buckle on the strap to expand the opening, and then remove it from the front to the back.

Precautions for using the anti-riot helmet

  • The strap must be fastened when in use.

  • Before use, check that the waterproof rubber strip on the visor and the front of the helmet shell are tightly sealed.

  • For impacts exceeding this energy level, the anti-riot helmet can only provide maximum protection and reduce the damage to you. Therefore, if the helmet has experienced a larger collision accident, it should be immediately stopped or sent to the factory for identification to confirm whether it can continue to be used.

  • The helmet body cannot be wiped or cleaned with corrosive solvents when using the anti-riot helmet to remove oil stains, so as not to damage the strength of the helmet material.

  • The service life of the anti-riot helmet is three years, and it should be replaced immediately after the service life is up.

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