Police Accessories

Police Accessories

In addition to some personal protective police equipment, cop accessories, such as batons, handcuffs, police duty belts, police gloves, etc., play an increasingly important role in police duties and tasks. In some operations, these police accessories even played a key and decisive role.

Police Accessories
Police Accessories Types
Police Tonfa
Police Duty Belt
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Police Accessories

Description of Police Accessories

Individual Police Equipment (IPE) refers to the basic personal equipment that police officers are equipped with during the course of their duties to improve their operational capabilities in duty and law enforcement. Individual basic law enforcement accessories include police uniforms, multifunctional belts, batons, handcuffs, tear jets, flashlights, police multi functional tools, water bottles, first aid kits, cut-resistant gloves, firearms, walkie-talkies, police pass, stab-proof clothing, law enforcement recorders, combat shoes, and boots, etc. Different countries have different requirements according to different social conditions. Since the single cop accessories are equipped, for the protection of our front-line police law enforcement safety, reducing casualties, to combat crime has played an important role.

Police Accessories List

1. Police multifunctional belt (Police Duty Belt): mainly used to string a variety of police equipment, the use of internal wear and double buckle type, easy to open, fasten strong. In 1994, the United Kingdom began to unify the national police clothing, and for the first time established a multi-functional belt type single police equipment accessories (The Police Duty Belt), is the world's earliest to take the belt type single police equipment accessories. It is one of the first countries in the world to take the belt type single police equipment accessories. The original police equipment accessories are placed in the backpack or modified bag inside the change to hang on the waist, effectively releasing the police hands, so that they can move freely.

2. Police Baton: is a must-have police weapon, easy to carry, can be attacked and defended, offensive and defensive balance, countries have the corresponding baton defense techniques. Single police equipment on the baton is mainly telescopic batons, there are very few countries hanging long batons, and India and other countries police are using long wooden batons to enforce the law.

Q Generally, What Circumstances Law Enforcement Officers Use Batons

In the process of duty, when the situation does not reach the highest level of use of firearms, the police can use telescopic batons to achieve the purpose of control.

Q Does The Police Baton Carry Electricity?

There are many types of batons, straight rubber batons, T-shaped telescopic batons, electric batons, etc.. But only the electric baton carries current.

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