Why Riot Shields Are Popular in Various Countries?

Why Riot Shields Are Popular in Various Countries?

In recent years, conflicts in war-torn areas have escalated, and illegal groups have appeared in peaceful areas. At this time, governments will send in troops and police to maintain order and suppress relevant personnel. Observant people will notice that every time the police suppress a riot, they will carry riot control shields. Riot shields have become standard equipment for riot control by military and police forces and are indispensable in dealing with riots and conflicts.

1. Understanding Riot Control Shields

Riot shields are modern defense devices commonly used by riot police. Riot shields consist of a shield plate and a carriage. The shield plate is mostly curved. Riot shields are generally used to suppress mass riots, and to minimize harm to individuals. The purpose of using riot control shields is to effectively block stone, clubs and other items from attacking military and police personnel.

The riot shields used by special police also have functions such as bulletproofing, anti-glare, and anti-fragmentation. Although the riot shield looks transparent and fragile, it is actually of very good quality, not easy to bend, the wrench is not easy to break, and it can withstand the crushing of small vehicles. It can withstand knife attacks. Small-caliber bullets and shotguns are basically ineffective at close range, and riot shields can prevent adults from climbing. Therefore, at the scene of a conflict, when facing excited people who want to cross the line, we always see the first row of police opening the way with shields, threatening to maintain order.

2. The Power of Riot Control Shields

Riot control shields are not only defensive weapons, but also offensive weapons. Prior to facing attackers, the shield can be hidden behind the shield and used to strike attackers. Moreover, it is not an easy task to injure attackers and avoid police-civilian disputes. This is why the military and police favor it, because of its versatile attack and defense capabilities.

The most powerful aspect of riot control shields is the materials they use. Riot shields are usually made of lightweight materials, such as polycarbonate, PC and fiberglass. Among them, high-quality PC boards have high transparency, light weight, strong impact resistance, and durability. It can also resist small-caliber firearms and thrown objects, as well as sharp instruments and acid attacks. It has strong protection ability, reliable installation, and easy operation. It is not an exaggeration to say that a few untrained people with riot shields can subdue a terrorist wielding a weapon, so the advantage of riot shields is obvious.

In the past, it was suggested that families prepare riot shields for a reason. Facing robbers and bandits, riot control shields can delay time in corridors and wait for rescue. However, in the military, riot shields are basically not needed because the riot shields in combat environments are relatively cumbersome, but peacekeeping forces in peacekeeping areas will be equipped with riot shields to deal with riots.

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