What Do You Know About Police Riot Suits?

What Do You Know About Police Riot Suits?

In recent years, there have been more and more riots around the world, and social turbulence has occurred. In order to stop these anti-riot processes, in order to protect the safety of the police and avoid injury, the public security department equipped them with a kind of combat clothing, which is a police riot uniform. Anti-riot suits for police are also called armor suits, anti-riot armor suits, etc. The following is the relevant knowledge of police riot suits.

1. About bulletproof vest

The bulletproof vest factory makes a fiber called Kevlar, which is extremely tough and woven according to a specific rule. When the bullet hits the bulletproof suit, the Kevlar fiber will distribute the kinetic energy of the bullet to the entire bulletproof suit, which will play a protective role. And bulletproof clothing is divided into different levels, the higher the level, the better the bulletproof effect. Although this kind of fiber has strong tensile properties, it is easy to be cut, so the protective effect of the knife is not very good.

2. The role of police riot suits

The police full bulletproof suit is a kind of protective police equipment to protect the body and limbs of a person. It is composed of high-quality plastic board, nylon Oxford cloth, EVA elastic rubber, sponge, and elastic cloth. It can effectively resist sticks, sharp blades and non-explosive weapons. A riot control suit is the clothing that police must wear when carrying out anti-riot incidents.

Police riot suits are not integrated. They are composed of chest guards, back guards, shoulder guards, upper arm guards, forearm guards, thigh guards, calf guards, gloves and other components. The defense area is large. Its various parts are connected by Velcro, which is adjustable, comfortable and flexible, and adapts to people of different body types. When wearing it from bottom to top, first wear calf protector, thigh protector and crotch, then put on the top part from the head, then put on the forearm protector, and finally wear gloves. The opposite is true when you take it off.

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