The Benefits of Choosing a Police Combat Uniform

The Benefits of Choosing a Police Combat Uniform

Combat uniform, originally the name given to the camouflage uniforms worn by the U.S. Armed Forces in combat. Some federal, state and local law enforcement officers also wear improved combat uniforms today, including those engaged in tactical operations such as SWAT, search and rescue, or with K9 units. The advantages of police combat uniform uniforms are many, so they have been adopted by many departments and organizations across the country.

1. Police combat uniforms indicate identity

Police officers wear uniforms because it gives them a sense of identity and makes them stand out from the crowd. A combat uniform may be a special type of police uniform, but it lets both the police and the public know what the uniform stands for and identifies the wearer as someone the public can go to in times of crisis. Like the military, combat uniforms emphasize standardization and allow the police to work as a unit to achieve common goals.

2. Combat uniforms are comfortable to wear

Combat uniforms are quite popular in law enforcement circles, the most common reason being the comfort factor. Many trainers choose to wear a combat uniform because it lacks metal buttons, ties, and pins. Because these officers can also work at night and in bad weather, combat uniforms are more practical to wear and not as difficult to keep clean as the uniforms worn by regular patrol officers.

3. The combat uniform is very durable

Whether purchased through police departments or in oversupply, combat suits are designed to be extremely durable. For example, SWAT cloth is designed to resist fading, tearing and abrasion. This combat suit features reinforced knees, elbows and seating areas, as well as adjustable waist tabs and a drawstring bottom. The polyester-cotton blend is breathable in summer and windproof in winter without wrinkling or shrinking.

Regardless of the size of law enforcement, part of their budget goes to uniforms. To maintain sufficient uniform stock to supply all officers, a cost-effective solution is required. When an organization invests in combat uniforms, they benefit from enhanced durability, a cost-effective mix of materials, and a host of additional accessories that many modern military officers require.

Whether you choose traditional, simple uniforms or heavy tactical combat uniforms will depend on the needs of your department. Many departments mix and match the types of uniforms that officers are expected to face as required by the situation. Explore your combat uniform options and discover what these durable uniforms can do for you.

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