Bulletproof Vest

Bulletproof Vest

Bulletproof Vest is used to protect body from bullet or shrapnel. It is composed of outer carrier clothing and bulletproof material, aramid or PE. As a leading bulletproof vest factory, XinXing JiHua provide bulletproof vest custom service according to customers request, according with NIJ standard Protection level, and by applying ergonomic and functional fabric, we make armor vest comfortable and convenient.

Bulletproof Vest
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Bulletproof Vest

How Does Bulletproof Vest Work?

The bulletproof vest is a kind of armor-like protective clothing used to reduce bullet damage, generally worn by police and the military for self-defense. The bulletproof vest made by bulletproof vest factory Xinxing Jihua can absorb and dissipate the kinetic energy of a single head and fragmentation to stop penetration and effectively protect the body from protected parts of a garment. From the point of view of use, bulletproof vests can be divided into police-type and military type, civilian, etc. From the material point of view, bulletproof vests can be divided into soft body, hard body, and soft and hard composite three. The undershirt is made of KEVLAR, TWARON, or ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber material, and the protective layer is made of continuous non-weft bulletproof material compounded by 0°/90° orthogonal overlay. It can effectively protect against bullets fired from Type 54 pistol grade Type 79 light submachine guns. Bulletproof material in the buffer layer can effectively reduce the secondary damage caused by the bullet shock wave to the human body; bulletproof vest-wearing flexible, easy to put on, take off, wearing after not making the free movement of the two arms level human kneeling, jumping, squatting, pitching, turning and other movements are limited, good flexibility. The bulletproof body armor suit is designed in accordance with the requirements of ergonomics. Ensure that the body is not restricted, easy to move, freedom of movement with this bulletproof body armor suit.

How to Choose Bulletproof Vest?

Security bullet proof vest is divided into 3 types according to the style: undershirt type, jacket type, and overhead type. Nowadays, security bullet proof vest mainly refers to a bulletproof undershirt, which is mainly composed of 2 parts: bulletproof inner and outer fabric and bulletproof layer. Bulletproof inner and outer layers are often made of natural fibers and chemical fibers, which have the function of covering and protecting the bulletproof layer, and some of full body vest also have a certain bulletproof function. From a practical point of view and from a commercial point of view, the current development of the inner and outer layers of fabrics for bulletproof undershirts will develop in the direction of high functionality, comfort, and thinness. On this basis, the choice of which materials, fabric forms and configuration methods, fabric organization, structural parameters, and finishing methods have become the core of the design and development of the inner and outer layers of fabrics for bulletproof undershirts.

Comfort is an important indicator of security bullet proof vests, including moisture permeability, breathability, softness, lightness, etc. Through reasonable structural design, soft body armor can have good softness and lightness. We own a professional bulletproof vest factory, so we could provide high-quality bulletproof vest for you. To take into account the comfort at the same time, it is necessary to ensure a balance between the lightweight of the body armor, comfortable to wear, and protection. Xinxing Jihua bullet proof armor full body can meet such needs. The ballistic material used, the area of protection, and the structural design directly determine the protection, weight, wearability, and performance of the security bullet proof vest.

Fiber and Material for Bulletproof Vest

Fibers and materials are the primary factors in the weight reduction and improved performance of security bullet proof vest. The substantial improvement in its breathability and softness helps the wearer to react and move quickly in case of danger. The current development of security bullet proof vest toward better protective fibers and lower costs, the development of new materials and the application of new technologies are the driving force behind its development. The decisive factor in improving the protective performance and reducing the weight of security bullet proof vest is ballistic materials, so the use of mature, high-quality, high-strength and soft, lightweight materials to manufacture bullet proof armor full body is an important way to achieve weight reduction and ensure comfort.

Structure of Bulletproof Vest

The use of reasonable structure and shape design to achieve a balanced distribution of weight is also one way to improve wearing comfort. There is an important correlation between the degree of fit of bulletproof undershirts, the nature of the undershirt and the comfort of the garment, attention should be paid to prevent the bulletproof undershirt from moving up or deforming, and consider inserting a smaller, more flexible and breathable fabric into the outer undershirt cover to improve its comfort. For the stiffness of the ceramic composite insert, the use of hyperbolic design is more compatible with the curve of the human torso than the single-curved design, and thus the body comfort can be improved. For the front and rear split undershirt type body armor, its weight is mainly borne by the shoulders, and many tactical technical movements of soldiers need to be completed by the shoulders and upper extremities, which adds to the fatigue of the shoulders. This situation is more prominent when using hard body inserts. Bulletproof vest manufacturer Xinxing Jihua has different types of bulletproof vests for you to choose.

Materials Used For Bulletproof Vest

It is a single soldier body protection equipment, used to protect the bullet or shrapnel injury to the human body, body armor is mainly composed of clothing cover and bulletproof layer two parts, clothing cover is fabric vest, bulletproof cover is made of metal sheet/ceramic sheet/glass steel, nylon, Kevlar, ultra high molecular weight, polyethylene fiber, liquid protective materials and other materials, a single or compound protective structure.

From the material point of view, body armor can be divided into soft, hard and soft and hard composite three, soft body armor bulletproof layer mainly uses high strength, good tensile chemical fiber or polymer drawn into wire, and then woven into cloth layer by layer overlay, to consume the energy of bullets.

Hard bulletproof vest bulletproof layer is made of metal materials, high strength and high modulus fiber, with resin composite material heated and pressurized, but also through the deformation of materials, fragmentation to consume the amount of energy of the bomb, soft and hard composite bulletproof vest softness between the two types, the surface layer with hard bulletproof material, lined with soft bulletproof material, bullet fragments hit the bullet-proof vest surface layer, Bullet fragments and surface hard material deformation or fracture, consume most of the energy of bullet fragments.

Lined with soft material that absorbs and diffuses the energy of the bullet and the rest of the fragment to cushion and reduce non-penetrating damage, does body armor really protect against direct shot?

In fact, many people have been killed by bullets wearing body armor, which refers to the bulletproof standard. Its assessment mainly depends on the kinetic energy, which is determined by the ammunition specifications used. Affected by the types of warheads, the length of the barrel and other factors, the power of bullets is constantly strengthened in the process of the continuous upgrading of body armor.

Use of Bulletproof Vests

Bulletproof vests are different from ordinary clothing and must undergo rigorous protection testing by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ). Not all bulletproof vests are created equal. Some can withstand low-velocity buckshot, others can withstand high-velocity all-metal bullets. Vests are numerically classified by protection level from low to high: I, II-A, II, III-A, III, IV, and Special cases (where the customer specifies that protection is required). Each classification defines which bullets cannot penetrate the vest at what speed. While it may seem logical to choose the top-rated vest (such as a Class III or IV), the vest is heavy and the person wearing it may decide that a lighter vest is more appropriate. For police use, the general rule that experts recommend is to purchase a vest to protect against the types of firearms that police typically carry.

The size tag on the vest is important. Not only does it include size, model, style, manufacturer's logo, and care instructions like regular clothing, but it must also include protection grade, lot number, date of issue, instructions indicating which side should face out, serial number, instructions stating that it meets National Medical Association approved standards, and a large warning from type I to Type III-A vests, That is, vests do not protect the wearer from sharp objects or rifle fire. When a vest passes inspection, its model number is certified and the manufacturer can make an exact copy of the vest. Once the vest has been tested, it is kept on file so that any future vest of the same model can be easily checked against the prototype.

It is not feasible to field test bulletproof vests, but in a sense wearers (such as police officers) test them every day. Studies of injured police officers have shown that bulletproof vests save hundreds of lives each year.

Q What Weapons And Bullets Can The Bulletproof Vest Protect Against?

This depends on the ballistic material of the body armor and the protection level of the body armor. It can be customized according to requirements.

Q Are Bulletproof Vests Also Stab-resistant?

We provide bullet proof stab proof vest, bulletproof level NIJ IIIA, stab-proof level 1 and level 2 optional.

Q Is Ballistic Vest Outer Carrier Bullet Resistant?

Not all bulletproof vest carriers are bullet proof. For Inner body armor or conceal bullet proof vest, outer carrier is not bullet proof, the ballistic material is into vest.

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