Primary Functions and Protection Levels of the Bulletproof Jacket

Primary Functions and Protection Levels of the Bulletproof Jacket

The main function of bulletproof jacket

A bulletproof jacket is a protective clothing that can absorb the kinetic energy produced by bullets or fragments of explosives to prevent damage to the human body. Does the bulletproof jacket really work? This is a unified question for many people who buy bulletproof jackets. It is beyond doubt that bulletproof jackets have bulletproof functions, but not all powers can be prevented, just like the armor worn by people on ancient battlefields. The bulletproof jacket has two main functions:

Bounce the shrapnel formed after the bullet is broken

Various explosives such as bombs, landmines, artillery shells, and grenades are one of the main threats on the battlefield. According to surveys, the order of threats facing a soldier on the battlefield is: shrapnel, bullets, blast shock waves, and heat. Therefore, it is very important to emphasize the function of bulletproof shrapnel.

Dissipate the kinetic energy of the bullet through the bulletproof material

When a bullet hits the target, it will produce tremendous impact force. This kind of impact force acting on the human body often causes fatal injuries. This kind of injury does not show perforation, but can cause internal injuries, and severe cases may endanger life. The dissipation of the kinetic energy of the bullet, which reduces the kinetic energy when the bullet hits the body, is an important function of the bulletproof jacket.

How is the protection level of the bulletproof jacket divided?

The bulletproof jacket is a protective equipment used in combat to protect the human body from being injured by fragments. The difference in materials makes the bulletproof level different. The following is an introduction for everyone:

The most commonly used standard for bulletproof jackets is the US NIJ standard, which has six levels: Level I, Level II-A, Level II, Level III-A, Level III, and Level IV.

From low to high protection, Level III-A requires the ability to prevent 9mm pistol bullets fired at a slight shock, with a bullet speed of 420m/s; all levels below Level III-A are resistant to 9mm pistols with a bullet speed of 360m/s or less.

Generally, customers require the protection level of bulletproof jackets to be level III-A, and level III protection is to add two ceramic composite plates of 300mm*250mm in front and back of the bulletproof jacket, with a thickness of 18mm and a weight of 2.6kg. This level requires the ability to resist M80 bullets (7.62*51 bullets, bullet speed: 800m/s), and there are also ordinary bullets fired by AK-47 and 56 rifles in this level.

Level IV also requires the addition of ceramic plates, with a thickness of 21mm and a weight of 3.3kg, and requires resistance to armor-piercing bullets fired by M1, with a bullet speed of 850m/s.

Level III-A and below of the bulletproof jacket are soft, without ceramic plates. The bulletproof layer materials of soft bulletproof jackets are divided into domestic and imported materials. The Chinese material is white ultra-high-strength polyethylene fiber; the imported material is yellow Kevlar (KEVLAR); the price of bulletproof jackets is related to the materials used, and also to the protection area. The larger the area, the higher the price. There are three common types of protective areas for bulletproof jackets: jacket type (0.27 square meters), jacket type (0.32), and full protection type (with groin protection, 0.60).

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