Military Uniform

Military Uniform

Military Uniforms are designed to diverse categories, patterns, function, colors according to different army uniforms styles, armed force type and special missions.
With so many years' experience of an eastablished military uniform factory, we can custom military uniforms to make sure soldiers
on field and training feel comfortable, flexible, breathable, safety.
High quality uniform fabrics and multi functional military uniform materials will be used for making army uniform, to stay durable and safety even under extreme weather condition.
Military Uniform

Multiple Categories for Military Uniform

As the military uniform manufacturers, we offer military uniforms in multiple military uniform types. In this military uniform series, you will find combat uniforms, military poncho, military jackets and military pullover, military shirts and other army uniform. All of them are used by soldiers and officers.

Whole Industry Chain For Military Uniform

We have12 wholly-owned military uniform factories with 180 production line, annually production 70 million sets. Whole industry chain including original material picking, spinning, weaving, dyeing, to end producing.

High Quality Material and Technology of Army Suit Uniform

High Quality Material and Technology of Army Suit Uniform

We produce military uniforms by using high quality special material and advanced technology. By printing in different ways and specific ripstop woven fabrics made of nylon, and using the special reinforcing technique to improve army suit uniform ripping strength and tearing strength. Fabric functional grade also is accord with international test standards, i.e. color fastness at water, air permeability, abrasion, pilling, anti-bacterial and other function.

The Largest Military Uniform R&D Center In China

As the military uniform manufacturers, we have professional military uniform R&D teams and many national level labs. In addition to devising the latest patterns about army uniform, our military uniform manufacturers are compatible with necessary tactical functions such as flame retardant, anti-static, high strength and durability, oil repellent and waterproof, infrared camouflage, etc., to meet ergonomics and soldier's combat needs, in line with coordination and conversion between training and combat environment scientifically and reasonably.

The Colors of Military Uniform

In order to better conceal the army's actions in the field conditions, people first start from the clothing, constantly improve the color of the uniform, and try to make it as close as possible to the color of the natural background. From the perspective of concealment and camouflage, the color of military uniforms should not be limited to green, but should be flexible and reasonable according to the local background conditions at that time. For example, in snow, jungle, desert and other environments, it is necessary to wear uniforms that adapt to the background to achieve the effect of concealment.

Types of Military Uniform

It is mainly divided into three categories: dress, regular uniform and training uniform. The dress is the uniform worn by officers during major celebrations and important foreign affairs activities. Regular uniform is the uniform worn by military personnel on ordinary and general ceremonial occasions. It is suitable for daily wear, easy to wear and more suitable for military personnel's usual activities. Training uniforms are the standard clothing worn by soldiers during combat, training and other duties. It is usually divided into ordinary training uniform and camouflage training uniform.

What are Military Uniforms Made of?

Military uniforms are mostly made of polyester-cotton blended fabrics, but also pure cotton or pure chemical fiber fabrics with special treatment. The characteristics are light and durable, good protection, and adaptable to tactical and technical activities. A good uniform has functions such as cold-proof, wind-proof, breathable and water-permeable. It can help soldiers to be able to get better protection in combat and training. Many camouflage uniforms are made of fabrics with strong tear resistance, advanced color fastness, friction and other characteristics.

Customization Available of Military Uniforms

Military uniforms can be customized according to the logo design, operational characteristics, and functional needs of each country's troops. Prices are priced according to design, fabric, function, quantity, etc. If you are planning to customize military uniforms, please send us a physical sample or drawing design and we will quote for you.

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