Precautions for Using Bulletproof Vests

Precautions for Using Bulletproof Vests

1. Precautions for cleaning bulletproof vests

Wash the bulletproof vest carrier and keep the carrier for later use, it is important to have at least two carriers, one for washing and one for wearing. Keep it clean and dry to ensure the bulletproof plate will last a full five years.

Use a sponge to clean the bulletproof panels, and when you need to clean the bulletproof vest's bulletproof panels, use a damp sponge and mild soap. You can also use Febreeze on them if you want. Never throw them in the washing machine and/or dryer. Don't iron them either, as ironing can cause the fibers to burn or melt.

2. The use of bulletproof vests precautions

Keep your bullet resistant vest in the closet: don't forget that the bulletproof panels consist of several layers of bulletproof fiber. If they are bent or deformed, they cannot be straightened or ironed. So, if you clutter the gym vest on the floor, it will dry out like that.

Don't get your bulletproof vest wet: The worst idea you can do is go swimming in a bulletproof vest. The reason is that some bulletproof vests lose their ballistic properties because the water acts as a lubricant. When this happens, it is easily penetrated by bullets. But some manufacturers have treated their vests with water-repellent materials before allowing them to be used in the water.

After getting hit by armor, you can still fight: there have been tons of cases where police officers in body armor have been shot. Most of them equate the feeling of being hit by a bullet with being hit by a hammer. The result of being hit by a bullet while wearing body armor is a nasty-looking bruise caused by a deformed back. To date, no one has died, and the wearer is unlikely to be incapacitated. Many law enforcement officers shot in armor have responded in an attempt to neutralize the threat. And, this was even before the latest vest materials, which were designed to reduce the impact of bludgeoning.

Stay fit or get a new body armor: It is important that body armor wearers do not gain more than 10% of their body weight. If a person has gained more than 5 to 10 percent of their weight since wearing the vest, they need a new one. If a person loses weight, they may also need to put on a new vest.

Putting on a new ballistic suit after an old vest has been penetrated by a bullet: It is important to understand that once a law enforcement officer is hit by a bulletproof vest, he/she needs to change into a new one. After all, the fibers have been damaged by bullets beyond repair.

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