Why Are Body Armors All Vest Styles? Why Not Protect The Limbs?

Why Are Body Armors All Vest Styles? Why Not Protect The Limbs?

Nowadays, science and technology are advancing rapidly, but in terms of the performance of the body armor, it is not able to withstand all damage, but only plays a basic protective role, so it is also a basic but indispensable equipment. Body armor is definitely not able to block all bullets. It is not impossible to make a body armor that can block all bullets, but the body armor made in this way will definitely affect flexibility for wearers. 


On the battlefield or in the mission, the deadly places are the head, neck and other parts. If the limbs are accidentally shot, they will not die immediately. If they are treated in time, they can be rescued. Because the limbs are not deadly parts, the full bulletproof suit without limbs improve the flexibility and convenience of wearing. After all, the material of the body armor itself is also relatively hard. If the limbs are made, it will affect the flexibility and cause inconvenience in the operation. Body armor can block some bullets. It is naturally very hard and thick. The limbs and joints need to be bent. If the body armor is wrapped, it will definitely affect the posture and actions such as holding a gun, so it will not make limbs protection.


Today bulletproof technology is still developing. I think that with the continuous development of the technology, better and better bullet proof equipment and defensive gears will definitely be continuously developed and produced, step by step to enhance the survival ability of soldiers on the battlefield. So maybe in the future, a body armor that includes limbs protection can be made, and it won't affect the convenience and flexibility of wearing.

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