The Use and Function of Riot Control Shield

The Use and Function of Riot Control Shield

The role of riot control shield

Riot control shields are a defensive weapon commonly used by modern riot police and military police. Its specific structure includes a shield plate and a support plate. The shield plate is mostly convex arc-shaped or arc surface rectangular, and the support plate is fixed on the back of the shield plate through connecting pieces. On the support plate, there are buckles and handles.

Riot control shields are usually made of lightweight materials such as polycarbonate and fiberglass. Among them, high-quality PC sheet materials have high transparency, light weight, strong impact resistance, durability, and can resist the attack of small-caliber guns, throwing objects and sharp instruments, acids, etc., with strong protection ability, reliable installation and convenient operation.

Riot control shields are defense equipment similar to medieval shields used by armed police, anti-riot police, or anti-riot troops during riot control, which can push opponents away and protect themselves. They can resist attacks from hard objects, blunt weapons, and unknown liquids, as well as low-speed bullets, but cannot resist explosive fragments and high-speed bullets.

There are five main ways to use riot control shield

As a protective product, riot control shields are used for training, fighting against knives, clubs, etc., and are a protective equipment for security personnel, generally used in conjunction with riot batons.


The riot control shield has arm straps and handles behind it. When in use, the left arm passes through the arm strap and is bound by magic tape, and the handle is firmly gripped. At the same time, the right hand holds the riot baton.

Defense preparation

When training or fighting, hold the riot control shield with both hands, squat down, look forward, and be prepared to defend with the shield. This can not only protect oneself, but also be prepared for the attack.

Attack defense

When encountering an attack, quickly take a small step forward with the left leg, and follow with the right leg. Grasp the riot control shield tightly and quickly strike upward at a 45-degree angle. When the opponent stabs with a knife or club, the shield can be used to quickly block the attack. When the club attacks from the right, use the shield to block to the left, and when the attack comes from the left, use the shield to block to the right.

Impact protection 

When a good opportunity is found, immediately launch an attack and use the riot control shield to forcefully impact, so that the opponent cannot use the weapon in their hand effectively.

Surrounding defense

When multiple people hold riot control shields, they form a circle and surround the opponent in the middle. They can attack together towards the center, which can effectively subdue the opponent.

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