What is Police Riot Gear?

What is Police Riot Gear?

1. Understanding Police Riot Suit

Police riot gear, also referred to as riot armor, riot gear, or armor suits, is a type of clothing that can effectively protect against attacks by weapons, batons, and various non-explosive projectiles, and has certain flame-retardant properties. It is widely used in the fields of riot control, counter-terrorism, and handling of large-scale riots. The outer material of police riot gear is made of high-strength coating fabrics and special plastics, which are environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and have no natural harm to the human body.

Police riot suit is a combat outfit that riot police must wear during riot control. The so-called riot control and observation are special police forces specially designed to suppress riots. All the equipment used by these riot police are made of special materials. For example, riot shields, riot gloves, riot helmets, riot arm protection, and heavy-duty riot equipment.

2. Design of Police Riot Suit

This type of police riot suit is divided into upper and lower parts. The clothing material has good fire resistance, and the inside of the clothing also has plastic and foam that can absorb attacks. It can achieve a good airtight design but has some limitations on movement. The commonly used protective tools include batons used for arresting, which are used with round shields or small square shields, and long sticks are usually used for striking but without shields. Riot guns shoot non-lethal rubber bullets that cause pain. There are also tear gas grenades, tear gas, and other weapons that are used in riot control.

Police riot suit consists of components for protecting the chest, back, shoulders, upper arms, forearms (elbows), thighs, shins (front, back, knees, and insteps), and neck. After the various related parts are connected by nylon buckles and movable buckles, two major parts are formed: the upper body part and the lower limb part. The various small parts can be adjusted to adapt to people of different heights. The design of the shape of the protective gear of the police riot gear is calculated according to the size of each part of the human body, and is finally determined to be comfortable and flexible when worn. Wearing police riot suit is simple and convenient, with strong flexibility, and will not significantly restrict the free movement of the arms and the human body's actions such as kneeling, jumping, squatting, running, bending, and turning.

The appearance of police riot suit is exquisite, the connection structure design is reasonable, and there are no defects such as wrinkles, cracks, damage, gaps, loose threads, missed stitches, or thread ends. Police riot gear is resistant to high and low temperatures, has strong shock resistance, and the protective parts can effectively reduce the impact energy of blows, providing effective protection to the human body.

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