Anti Riot Suit

Anti Riot Suit

Anti-Riot Suit is used to against the impact when police or law enforcement are in  mission. It offers riot police officers with protection against hard blows and penetration from sharp objects, blunt force trauma. It is designed to be worn on clothing, can providing whole body protection such as shoulder, arm, back, chest, thigh ,knee, shin, ankle, feet.

Anti Riot Suit
Anti Riot Suit Types
Police Riot Suit
Full Riot Suit
Riot Gear Suit Flameproof and Anti Bump
Anti Riot Suit

Functional Characteristics of Anti Riot Suit

Anti Riot Suit is widely used in the fields of riot control, anti-terrorism and stability maintenance and the handling of large-scale riots.

  • Riot armor suit outer material is made of high-strength coating fabric and special plastic, environmental protection and non-toxic, no natural harm to the human body.

  • Riot armor suit each protective layer parts of high and low temperature resistance (+55 ℃ / -20 ℃, 4h), puncture resistance (20 Joule), impact resistance (120 Joule), impact energy absorption performance (100 Joule), flame retardant performance and other aspects of public safety industry GA420-2008 standards.

  • Riot armor suit in the small abdominal thorns based on the addition of adjustable special protective capsule bowl, while also installed in the forehead and vertebrae at the snap, so that the product design is convenient for police officers to go to the bathroom, with practicality.

  • Riot armor clothing material superior, light weight, total weight 6.5 kg, lighter than conventional products.

  • Front chest, back, thighs, calves, arms and other parts can be set up with ventilation suspension system.

  • Unique design of riot armor suit, respectively, in the front chest and back set detachable stab-proof bile core, in the implementation of special tasks, at any time can be loaded into the bullet-proof bile core.

  • Riot armor suit new adjustable multi-functional cowhide work bag, gas mask bag, multi-functional hooks to improve the practicality of combat.

  • Outer packaging design with back, carry dual-use, multi-functional pocket parts, strong combat

  • Front chest, back, thighs, calves, both arms and crotch with anti-stabbing performance, in line with GA68-2009 anti-stabbing performance requirements.

Description of Anti Riot Suit

Police riot suit also known as riot armor suit, riot suit, armor suit, etc., it can effectively resist the attack of sharps, sticks and various non-explosive projectiles, and has a certain flame retardant performance of a garment. The main source of explosion damage is shrapnel and shock waves. Anti riot suit can mainly prevent is shrapnel, which the principle is the same as bulletproof vest. Anti riot suit is the police in the process of riot control must wear combat clothing. It is said that riot and observation is a special police unit specializing in the suppression of riots. All the equipment of these riot police are made of special materials. For example, riot shields, riot gloves, riot helmets, riot arm protection groups, and heavy-duty town riot suits commonly used in the riot control process.

Constitute of Anti RIot Suit

This riot suit is divided into tops and bottoms, and its clothing material has a very good fireproof function. The interior of the clothes can absorb the merit of plastic and foam. You can achieve a very good impermeable, no gap design, but the activity is somewhat limited. Often used protective tools and sticks for arrest, with round shields or small square shields, while long sticks are usually used for strikes, but without shields. Riot guns shoot non-lethal rubber bullets cause pain. There are also tear gas, and so on, which are the weapons used in the riot control process.

Q What Are The Characteristics Of A Good Riot Suit?

The wearing load is not heavy and it is easy to perform the task Has good anti-hit performance and good cushioning performance Ventilated Can carry batons, shields, etc., and move freely Good stab resistance.

Q What Are The Parts Of The Riot Suit?

Police anti-riot clothing consists of front chest, back, shoulder, upper arm, forearm (elbow), thigh, calf (front, back, knee, instep), neck protection and other components. The parts can be adjusted, easy to wear, and flexible.

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