Military Poncho

Military Poncho

The most of military poncho is military waterproof poncho, with durable waterproof rip-stop material, make sure wearer keep dry and moving fast, especially for the tropical climate. Poncho liner is optional, provide warmth and comfort in mild temperatures when used with a poncho. Military raincoat poncho apply to training, camping, hiking in rain day.

Military Poncho
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Military Poncho

What Poncho Does the Military Use?

In our impression, many old photos of World War II, the equipment of the Soviet soldiers, would be equipped with a military poncho. If we pay a little attention, we will find that the location of these troops, are the cold and winter wind is quite strong place. So it is clear that the most important role of the military poncho is to protect the wind and cold. In fact. These military ponchoes are not simply made of fabric. The outside of the military poncho will usually have waterproof material coated on a layer. The internal quality of some military poncho, there will be fine fleece, so that it can play the role of rain and snow resistance, and in cold areas to keep warm. Besides, these military poncho is usually very solid, if you need you can use it to package items.

Application of Military Poncho

After entering the 20th century, the emergence of plastic and various waterproof fabrics made the style of raincoat gradually enriched, and the military raincoat also experienced at least five changes, gradually moving toward humanization, actual combat and versatility. It can be worn not only as a raincoat or cloak, but also as a camouflage suit on the battlefield, a rainproof cloth to cover goods, a moisture-proof mat to sleep on, a single soldier's bunker and even a hammock. The new raincoat, as a war material, uses camouflage patterns and will have a strong concealment camouflage effect in the summer jungle terrain.

Because of the improved fabric, the new raincoat also has excellent waterproof and breathable properties and wind and moisture resistance and warmth, and is often required to be carried in summer bivouacs and winter acclimatization training in the absence of rain, to be used to lay on the ground to prevent moisture and humidity and prevent warriors from suffering from rheumatism.

Q What Is The Difference Between A Military Raincoat And A Civilian Raincoat?

Generally military raincoats made of rip-stop fabrics, stronger than civilian raincoat. Multi-functional characteristic is superior to civilian item.

Q How To Classify Military Poncho?

Military poncho are military raincoats worn on rainy days and are made of tarpaulin. There are many varieties, including cape poncho, cape raincoat with sleeves, decomposable raincoat, square raincoat, etc.

Q How To Choose A Military Raincoat In Combat?

It depends on army combat purpose and environment. For example, for long-term combat and training in the jungle, the square raincoat is more suitable, and it can be used as a tent.

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