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September 17th,2021

Recently, we received feedback from relevant personnel that there are criminals opened false account in the name of our company in the UK to request remittances. This is suspected of malicious fraud. Hereby, we Xinxing Jihua International Trading Co.,Ltd declares as follow: 

 1. Our company has not opened any account in the UK. Any personnel requesting remittances to the area and their banks in the name of our company is suspected of fraud. Please be alert to avoid being deceived. 

2. Any organization or individual that uses the name of our company or company staff to make or spread false information or engage in business activities illegally shall bear all legal responsibilities. Our company reserves the right to pursue legal liabilities for such infringements and illegal acts. The general public are welcome to report. Once verified, our company will report to the relevant departments to hold the criminals responsible according to the specific circumstances. If you have any question, please consult and verify with us in time. telephone: +86-010-65168986 Mail: 

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Anti Riot Helmet

Anti Riot Helmet

Anti-Riot helmets are important head protection equipment for police officers in the fight against terrorism and riots. Riot helmets are mainly used to resist blunt objects or projectiles to head injuries, as well as non-penetrating head injuries. Therefore, riot helmets are generally designed with full helmets and equipped with neck guards for effective protection. In addition, anti-riot helmets also require certain high strength, reliability, broad vision, comfortable wearing, simple putting on and taking off, etc.

Anti Riot Helmet
Anti Riot Helmet Types
Police Helmet With Face Shield
Riot Police Helmet
Anti Riot Helmet
Q Can Riot Helmets Stop Bullet?

No, anti-riot helmet protect police officers from blunt objects or head injuries caused by projected objects when performing official duties, as well as similar non-penetrating head injuries.

Q What Are The Characteristics Of A Good Riot Helmet

The anti-riot helmet has the characteristics of light weight, complete protection parts, strong anti-strike and anti-corrosion performance, and can not burn through combustion flasks and torches. It can withstand knife stabbing, cutting and hard object impact. It has good anti-riot, waterproof, Moisture-proof and fire-proof function, can resist the violent attack of gravity.

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