How to Clean the Armor Jacket Bulletproof?

How to Clean the Armor Jacket Bulletproof?

Every day your armor jacket bulletproof will take care of you, but first you need to take care of it. The armor jacket bulletproof requires regular maintenance to prevent damage to the steel plates. So how often do armor jacket bulletproofs need to be cleaned?

Ⅰ. How often do armor jacket bulletproofs need to be cleaned?

Your armor jacket bulletproof should receive regular attention. You should wash your armor jacket bulletproof at least once a week, just like you wash any other work gear. You can wash more frequently if you have the time, but most work schedules do not allow this. If you take care of your armor jacket bulletproof, it will take care of you. It's like everything else you encounter in life. Use these simple tips to help keeping your armor clean and avoiding odor.

Ⅱ. How to clean the armor jacket bulletproof?

1. Clean your plate holder

The first step in caring for your armor jacket bulletproof is to wash your plate racks regularly. Reading the label on the carrier made by military jacket wholesale supplier is the best way to get the correct celan carrier. In any case, you should always clean the carrier separately from the plate itself. When cleaning the strap, make sure to remove all velcro. The more often the Velcro is cleaned, the less sticky it will be. Most carriers recommend that you clean them gently in cold water. A lot of people recommend having two sets of straps so you can take your time while cleaning the first set.

2. Do not fold it when storing

The armor jacket bulletproof is designed to be stored in a suitcase or hanger. It's not designed to fold. Folding your armor jacket bulletproof reduces its effectiveness. You may even permanently damage the armor by folding it. To hang a vest with heavier complete bulletproof suit, make sure your hanger bar is up to the task. Sturdy hangers, such as wooden hangers, can also be used. Do not use thin metal ones. Your armor should be stored at room temperature, not near a heat source. The storage area should also be kept out of direct sunlight to protect the vest.

3. Check your armor jacket bulletproof while cleaning

Aside from cleaning, you don't usually spend much time checking your armor jacket bulletproof. As you clean it, take a moment to check it. Check your armor for rips, tears, bumps, or any other deformities. With your eyes and fingers to check the same things along the carrier and plate. If there are any exceptions, please check carefully.

4. Do not use chemical cleaners

Do not use chemical cleaners on your plates or plate supports. Do not use bleach on any part of the armor jacket bulletproof, including the harness. All it takes is a simple cloth to keep your armor clean.

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