Do You Know Anything About Bulletproof Helmets?

Do You Know Anything About Bulletproof Helmets?

Bulletproof helmets have grown considerably over the years. In the early days, in order to protect their bodies from weapons, soldiers wore covers made of cloth or leather. Over time, these equipment gradually developed into a shield worn by the army's reputation in the army.

1. What is a bulletproof helmet?

Bulletproof helmets are equipment that can absorb and dissipate the energy of the warhead, prevent penetration, reduce blunt injuries and effectively protect the human head. The applicable objects of bulletproof helmets are mainly equipped with military fighters and police. They are mainly divided into Japanese and German helmets. Bulletproof helmet can be used with bulletproof mask, bulletproof mask can effectively protect the human face, and does not affect the normal observation, further improve the protection ability.

The bulletproof helmet protects the wearer's head from bullets, shrapnel and other fast-moving projectiles. Although, in fact, nothing is completely "bulletproof", and nothing can protect you from every bullet; bulletproof helmets are simply bulletproof. Before you buy a new bulletproof helmet, it is important to understand that no bulletproof armor is "100% impenetrable". So, don't blindly look for a bulletproof helmet, hope it can protect you from all kinds of guns and ammunition.

2. Choose the right bulletproof helmet

Choosing the right bulletproof helmet seems to be a difficult job. Many bulletproof helmet brands on the market are vying to provide you with the best and most durable bulletproof helmet. However, because this involves the most important part of the covered body, you need to make an informed purchase decision. Research shows that only 9% of the body is exposed to the head during the battle, but more than 20% of the hits are still in this area. So, if you want to buy a helmet that can effectively resist bullets, you need to know more about bulletproof helmets, bulletproof helmet styles, their advantages and disadvantages, etc.

Usually, snipers are behind headshots. And no helmet can really withstand sniper fire. However, a bulletproof helmet can protect your head from injury, thus saving lives in the event of a short-distance bomb explosion. In addition, when you are in a vehicle facing the IED, if you hit the inside of the vehicle during a collision or accident, the bulletproof helmet can fix the head in place to prevent impact trauma. As of today, ACH is the most effective way to deal with small arms fragmentation and shooting.

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