Anti Riot Shield

Anti Riot Shield

Anti riot shield is commonly used defensive equipment for modern riot police. In the process of suppressing riots, you can push the opponent and protect yourself. Riot control shield can withstand hard objects, blunt objects, and corrosion liquid. A tactical riot shield can also withstand low-speed bullets, but cannot withstand explosive fragments and high-speed bullets.

Anti Riot Shield
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Anti Riot Shield

What is anti riot shield?

Anti riot shield is common defense equipment for modern riot police. Its specific structure includes a shield plate and pallet. The tactical riot shield is a mostly convex arc or arc rectangular. The riot control shield is fixedly connected to the back of the shield plate through the connector, and on the pallet. There are buckle straps and grips. The military riot shield is made of high-quality PC material, with high transparency, lightweight, strong and durable impact resistance, and can resist the attack of thrown objects and sharp tax instruments and acids in addition to guns and cannons.

What Can a Riot Shield Withstand?

Anti Riot Shields used by riot police generally respond to low-level conflicts such as group riots and are effective in blocking blows and punching objects such as masonry, rocks, sticks, and glass bottles. Riot control shields used by special police officers generally also have ballistic, shockwave, and glare protection. Although the blast shield looks transparent and looks fragile. Riot control shield is actually very strong and tough and not easy to break, and can withstand the extrusion of small vehicles. The face of knife-wielding personnel can resist knife thrusts; and a military riot shield is able to resist light weapons at close range, for the close-range explosion of the shock wave of the grenade and shrapnel also has some utility. In the advance, the first member of the squad often holds a military riot shield in order to provide cover for the team behind.

Materials of Military Riot Shield

Anti Riot Shields are usually made of polycarbonate, PC materials, fiberglass, and other lightweight materials. Among them, high-quality PC board materials made of tactical riot shields are more transparent, lighter, strong, and durable in impact resistance. Tactical riot shield can resist the attack of small caliber guns, projectiles, and sharp objects, as well as the corrosion of acid drugs, etc., strong protection, secure installation, easy to operate, etc. It is no exaggeration to say that a few untrained people with riot control shields can subdue a terrorist with a weapon, so for the explosion-proof police who often confront criminals head-on. Tactical riot shields are very ideal protection and combat equipment.

Does the Military Use Riot Shields?

Since Anti Riot Shields have such great advantages, should not all military and police officers be equipped with riot control shields when performing their duties? In fact, in the military, the use of riot control shield is basically not used, because the military involved in the battle is often very intense, and the battlefield environment is complex. In this case, a riot control shield and other large and heavy protective equipment are not applicable, because the riot control shield will hinder the user's tactical action, and the user's physical strength, and thus affect their tactical play.

Q What Are The Types Of Riot Shields And What Are Their Functions?

Riot shields are defensive equipment against foreign objects and pushing people. The riot buckler is carried by the riot control personnel and is a light defensive weapon to facilitate the arrest of criminals. Anti-riot electric shield, the shield is offensive. There are iron bars on the shield as a conductor, and it will be electrified when it touches it. This kind of power comes from a battery.

Q Can Anti Riot Shield Stop Bullet?

Most riot shields are not bulletproof. Most of their functions are to maintain order, suppress persons involved in disturbances, and block low-intensity attacks, such as blocking objects such as throwing objects, sticks, knives, bows and crossbows from attacking personnel.

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