What is the Difference Between Bulletproof Vests and Anti Stab Vests?

What is the Difference Between Bulletproof Vests and Anti Stab Vests?

1. About the hidden bulletproof vest

There are different types of bulletproof vests that can protect various weapons and ammunition. Some bulletproof vests are designed with concealability in mind, while others do not. A good rule of thumb is that the higher the level of protection provided by a bulletproof vest, the lower its concealment. However, although the concealed vest is less protective, it makes up for it in terms of better abrasion resistance and freedom, which is a crucial factor for wearers in certain law enforcement fields.

Attackers in gun incidents often aim at the biggest target, the torso. If the bulletproof body suit is completely visible around this important area, the attacker may choose to target the unprotected area, such as the head. Since the concealable bulletproof vest is one of the most important items you buy, it is important to know exactly what you are looking for when checking all the options. When choosing a concealed bulletproof vest, the key factors are the level of protection, weight, mobility and comfort. For adequate protection, the vest must cover all sides of the wearer and fit properly. The bulletproof vest can be hidden up to level IIIA and can resist up to 0.44 MAG (but not including knife attacks). Since fit and size also play a key role in the effectiveness of protective equipment, when choosing, be sure to choose a well-fitting hidden bulletproof vest that suits you.

2. What makes bulletproof vests so strong?

Generally speaking, bulletproof vests provide protection through a very strong fiber mesh system that works together throughout the garment to absorb and disperse the energy of ballistic impact. At the same time, a new type of material is used, called Kelaf fiber. Don't underestimate the power of fiber. These fibers are all made of ceramics, and the degree of sturdiness is beyond anyone's imagination. When a bullet hits the body armor, it will be blocked by layers of strong fibers, and one by one. Point the ground to reduce the impact, so by the last layer, the power of the bullet is already running out. This is the secret of the bulletproof vest.

3. What is the difference between bulletproof vest and anti stab vests?

The main difference between bulletproof vests and anti stab vests is that anti stab vests are made of extremely tightly woven fabrics or very close laminated layers by bulletproof vest factory. Stab-resistant vests are mainly anti-pointed weapons, because pointed weapons such as knives or ice axes will produce a very high initial contact force different from bullets.

It is important to understand that a bullet-proof but not anti  stab vests does not protect the wearer from weapons such as knives. However, vests that provide ballistic protection also provide some protection in events involving blunt trauma and wear. In fact, many police officers survived car accidents or personal attacks, if it were not for the blunt resistance of their bulletproof vests, they might have died.

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