Can Riot Shields Stop Bullets?

Can Riot Shields Stop Bullets?

Just like bulletproof shields, riot shields are also a type of police protective product. Since both belong to police protective products, many people wonder if riot shields can also withstand bullets.

1. Introduction to anti riot shields

Riot shields refer to a type of defensive equipment similar to medieval shields used by armed police, riot police, or riot troops, used to push opponents and protect themselves in riot control. They can withstand attacks from hard objects, blunt weapons, and unknown liquids, and can also withstand low-speed bullets. However, they cannot withstand explosive fragments and high-speed bullets. As the name suggests, riot shields are used to defend against and contain riots. Therefore, they are often seen in areas where unrest and riots occur, and police officers wielding riot shields can help drive back rioters.

2. Can anti riot shields stop bullets?

First of all, most of the anti riot shield we see are made of transparent materials, and the protection area is relatively larger than that of ordinary bulletproof shields. They are divided into shield plates and support plates, with the shield plate mostly in a convex curved shape or an arc-shaped rectangle, and the support plate fixed to the back of the shield plate by a connector, with buckles and handles on the support plate. The circular design increases the effective protection area and provides more comprehensive protection. In addition, the transparent shield plate provides a wider field of vision, making it easier for the user to observe the surrounding environment.

In terms of materials, riot shields are usually made of tough materials such as polycarbonate, PC, and fiberglass, which are impact-resistant, hit-resistant, and temperature-resistant, and can effectively withstand attacks from cold weapons, blunt weapons, and unknown liquids. However, their materials also determine that the maximum firepower they can withstand is low-speed bullets, shrapnel, and ricochets. They cannot withstand explosive fragments and high-speed bullets. Therefore, riot control shields can only be used for daily defense and are usually standard equipment for riot police and public security. Bulletproof shields are usually made of stronger materials such as composite ceramics and high molecular weight polyethylene, and are made using special processes. Their materials determine their excellent bulletproof performance. Therefore, departments such as the military and security often choose to use bulletproof shields as they frequently face gun threats.

In summary, we can see that riot control shield cannot effectively defend against bullets and can only mitigate the damage caused by bullets to some extent. In choosing a shield, it is necessary to select according to specific circumstances.

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