Bulletproof Full Body Suit
Bulletproof Full Body Suit

Bulletproof Full Body Suit

This full body bulletproof suit is the upgraded version of the basic outer vest. Such full bulletproof suit provides full NIJ ballistic threat level 3A coverage. Bulletproof body suit features a removable outer carrier and level 3A ballistic panel inserts (front and back ballistic panel) that make up a full coverage ballistic vest. The bulletproof body suit is just as the picture shows, we assure that our full body bulletproof suit is what you want.

Bulletproof Body Suit Features

  • Full coverage NIJ level 3A (44 magnum and lesser threats) vest.

  • Two sides opening design for rapid access.

  • Front and back hard armor plate pocket.

  • Adjustable side straps for secure fit.

  • Double Velcro sides closure assures secure fit.

  • Removable ballistic panels.

  • Easily accommodates right- or left-handed personnel.

Specification of Bulletproof Body Suit

Full body bulletproof armor suit specification by XinXing JiHua is as followings:

Model No.


Outer Fabric

500D Cordura or customized

Ballistic Material

Aramid or PE

Protection Area (m2)

0.28-0.32 by different size

Protection Level

NIJ IIIA, can be upgraded to NIJ III and NIJ IV by adding Hard Armor Plates.


Full body ballistic protection

Application of Bulletproof Body Suit

Bulletproof body suit helps absorb the impact and protect the body against explosions and projectiles. Therefore, the bulletproof body suit can be used by armed force, police, SWAT, and other law enforcement. With hard armor plate, the protective level of full bulletproof suit can be upgraded NIJ IV, and such full body bulletproof can be very great for protecting wearers from dangers of large-scale operation. Our full body bulletproof suit also helps to protect soldiers in the most hazardous combat.

For people who need a vest that will protect them in their particular situation, full body armor suit bulletproof may be one option. XinXing JiHua has steeped ourselves in developing bulletproof body suit for many years, if you have such needs, please contact us for more information about bulletproof full body armor suit for sale.

bulletproof-body-suit.png full-body-armor-suit-bulletproof.png full-body-bulletproof.png

Full Body Bulletproof Solutions


As a responsible bullet proof armor supplier, we heve premium bulletproof full body armor suit for sale and we always provide excellent ballistic armor suit  solution according to clients ballistic request. Ballistic material and layers of complete bulletproof suit will be customized based on weapon and bullet types. We are dedicated in manufacturing high-quality full body ballistic armor suit and Xinxing Jihua full body bulletproof products support ballistic test in lab of China and other countries. So if you have the plan for purchasing full body armor suit bulletproof, don't hesitate to buy our full bulletproof suit!

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