Security Personnel and High-risk Jobs Require Bulletproof Vests

Security Personnel and High-risk Jobs Require Bulletproof Vests

Since we first realized that sticks and stones can break our bones, people have been using some form of body armor. As weapons become more and more sophisticated, so too does the equipment we use to protect ourselves. This brings us to one of the most common types of body armor in use today, bulletproof vests.

Ⅰ. Who are suitable to wear bulletproof vests?

Most users of bulletproof vests work in high-risk environments and need to use them at work. Others wear them for personal protection. The army and first responders wear bulletproof vests every day. Their job is to put themselves in danger and enter the turbulent situation where bullets and other projectiles may fly.

Ⅱ. Bulletproof vests are needed for security personnel and high-risk jobs

People in high-risk jobs obviously need bullet stab proof vests, concealed vests, and other types of protection.

1. Law enforcement personnel. Law enforcement agencies tend to use Class II or Class IIIA soft products made by bulletproof vest factory. This kind of armor cannot defend against rifle bullets or armor-piercing bullets, such as grade III or IV armor, but this heavy armor does not allow mobility or concealment, which is an important factor for the police. Bulletproof body suit serves the officers well. This is due to the bulletproof ability and blunt impact resistance of the vest, which can protect the officer's torso in a vehicle accident.

2. Correctional personnel. Correctional officers patrol in prisons or prisons and other correctional facilities. The criminal justice system does its best to strictly control these environments, but prisons are still not the safest place. When fighting is possible, correctional officers must intervene. As we all know, prisoners use everyday objects to make sharp weapons.

3. Armored truck driver. Truck drivers carrying valuables or large sums of money often wear bulletproof vests and helmets to prevent attempted robberies. Compared with other types of theft, armored vehicle robberies are relatively rare, but when they do occur, they are usually very violent and therefore require protective equipment.

4. Bodyguard. There are different types of bodyguards, and they all face unique threats and require appropriate protective vests. Celebrity bodyguards: More likely to choose stab-resistant vests, because when they escort customers through groups of fans, they face a higher threat of blade attacks. When working with celebrity clients, it is not always thought that a bulletproof vest is needed. Politicians' bodyguards: usually wear bullet-proof concealed vests because they will block bullets for clients when needed. Military bodyguards: usually wear tactical board vehicles on duty. Face a higher threat of blade and spike attacks than any other type of bodyguard.

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