Put on Your Army Boots Before the Battle, Tidy Up Your Trouser Legs and Shoelaces

Put on Your Army Boots Before the Battle, Tidy Up Your Trouser Legs and Shoelaces

Many people like to stuff their trouser legs into their boots when they wear military boots, which showing they are handsome and energetic. However, the real battle is not to tuck the trouser legs into the boots, but to tie the trouser legs.

Why tie the trouser legs instead of stuffing the trousers into the military and tactical boots? The trouser legs are tied to the tactical boots China to prevent foreign objects and mosquitoes from entering the trouser legs, and to prevent sand and stone branches from entering the boots.

However, tying the trouser legs and exposing the boot openings does not prevent sand and stone branches from entering the boots, and the trouser legs stuffing into the boots will press the ankles, which is uncomfortable, and may even cause some skin redness and swelling. Therefore, legging ropes are generally used to bind the leggings. The following is how to use the leggings rope. Pay attention to folding back the legging ropes inside to avoid the legging ropes from falling off.

1. Turn the trouser legs up and tie the leg straps;

2. Turn down the trouser legs and tuck them into the leggings rope;

3. Finished finishing.

In order to prevent foreign objects from entering the trouser legs, cover the trouser legs on the boot upper instead of the boot opening. Correctly cover the trouser legs, which can effectively prevent mosquitoes from entering the trouser legs, prevent the skin from being exposed, and protect the boot opening will not enter foreign objects.

In addition to the trouser legs, the order of the shoelaces is also very important. After the shoelaces are tied, the excess length should be collected to avoid being hooked and tripped during field operations. Arrange the excess shoelaces into a bunch and stuff them under the crossed shoelaces, so that the shoelaces will not run out and become loose after a day. Nowadays, many military and tactical boots have shoe rope storage bags outside the tongue, which is a very good design. It is more convenient for us to store extra shoelaces here. In addition, there are also some carrying self-tightening designs, which also saves the trouble of storage and carrying. In addition, there are some other military footwear products that can be used to replace the original shoelaces, which is more convenient to tighten and organize the shoelaces.

There are many methods, as long as the following goals are achieved:

1. Avoid foreign objects and mosquitoes from entering shoes and clothes.

2. Clean and neat, avoid hooking.

3. Comfortable and does not affect long-term exercise.

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