Wear a Ballistic Suit That Suits You

Wear a Ballistic Suit That Suits You

1. Why is it uncomfortable to wear ballistic suit?

To understand what makes ballistic suit or slabs uncomfortable, we must first know what they are made of and how they work. Ballistic suit is a series of soft or hard materials designed to absorb the impact of bullets or other projectiles. The plate rack consists of a thick belt with pockets, which can be filled with rigid plates, just like a ballistic suit, which can resist rifle bullets. In order to provide proper protection, these vests need to be tightly secured to the body to allow sports such as running, and for the armor plate inserted into the vest, its weight may be between 10 and 20 pounds.

Because these ballistic suits need to be worn tightly and they may need to be worn for a long time, wearing ballistic suit can quickly become an uncomfortable experience. Ballistic suit and slat frames can be bulky, restrict movement, restrict the torso of the body, make breathing more difficult, and if not properly secured, may cause bruises around the waist or armpits. In particular, ballistic suit also increases heat, which makes it more uncomfortable to wear when working hard and sweating.

2. How to adjust the ballistic suit to make it comfortable to wear?

Now that we have understood the discomfort that ballistic suit or plate armor may cause, let's see how to mitigate these effects. Ballistic suit and plate armor are designed to protect life first, then comfort and other functions.

Choose to wear ballistic suit that suits you. There are many different sizes of military style bulletproof vest and plate racks. Depending on the length of time you wear the protective device, ensuring that you have the correct plate frame style and size will have a great impact on your comfort. A full body bulletproof suit that is too loose will become bulky because it will move with you, causing discomfort. Ballistic suit that is too tight or the wrong size will not be able to perform proper exercises, such as bending over to pick up things on the ground, the lungs cannot expand when breathing, or rubbing against other parts of the body to cause discomfort.

Wear comfortable clothes under your ballistic suit. Since the ballistic suit and the board frame are made of harder materials, wear and tear will cause discomfort, so the clothes you wear under the equipment will have a great impact on your comfort, especially after wearing them for a long time. Soft, breathable materials are naturally the best choice for wearing with ballistic suit to prevent heat from becoming a problem over time.

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