Riot Shields Are the Ideal Combat Equipment

Riot Shields Are the Ideal Combat Equipment

In recent years, conflicts in war-torn areas have escalated, and illegal group disturbances have also occurred frequently in some peaceful areas. Therefore, we often see military and police maintaining order and suppressing rioters. Observant people will notice that many police officers on missions carry large transparent panels as protective tools. So what is this kind of panel?

1. Understanding the Anti Riot Shield

The riot shield is a common defensive instrument for modern riot police and military. Its specific construction includes a shield and a tray. The shield is mostly externally convex arc-shaped or an arc surface rectangular shape, and the tray is securely connected to the back of the shield through connectors, with fasteners and handles equipped on the tray.

Riot police use riot shields to deal with low-level conflicts such as group unrest, which effectively blocks the impact and rushing of objects such as bricks, stones, sticks, and glass bottles. Special police use riot shields that also have bullet-proof, shock wave-proof, and glare-resistant features. Although the riot shield appears transparent and fragile, it is actually very strong and has good toughness, not easy to break, and can withstand the pressure of small vehicles. It can resist knife stabs, withstand light weapons shooting at close range, and has a certain protective effect against the shock waves and shrapnel of hand grenades exploding at close range. When advancing, the first member of the team often holds a riot shield to provide cover for the following members.

2. Understanding the Anti Riot Shield as Ideal Combat Equipment

The anti riot shield made of high-quality PC board material has higher transparency, lighter weight, and stronger impact resistance, sturdiness, and durability. It can withstand attacks from small-caliber firearms, projectiles, and sharp objects, as well as corrosion from acid drugs and other materials. It has strong protection capabilities, reliable installation and fixing, and convenient operation. It can be said without exaggeration that a few untrained people holding a riot shield can subdue a terrorist holding a weapon. Therefore, the riot shield is an ideal protective and combat equipment for riot police who frequently confront criminals face-to-face.

Since the anti riot shield has such great advantages, should all armies and police equip themselves with riot shields when performing tasks? In fact, riot shields are basically not used in the military because military combat is often very intense and the battlefield environment is complex. In this case, large-sized protective equipment such as riot shields will hinder the tactical actions of the user, consume the user's physical strength, and affect their tactical performance.

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