Why Use Ballistic Glasses?

Why Use Ballistic Glasses?

1. Understand ballistic glasses

Basically, ballistic refers to a freely moving object, such as a missile or a cannon, fired from a fixed location. The term tactical relates to activities that support military operations, such as intelligence gathering or combat. ballistic glasses protect the wearer from the dangers associated with these and similar situations. ballistic glasses are designed to provide additional impact protection in harsh military environments, such as the Middle East with high temperatures and frequent sandstorms. Its military-grade standards far exceed those of industrial-grade safety goggles.

While bulletproof and tactical glasses make up a large part of the military, both inside and outside the military, there is still confusion over what actually classifies tactical glasses as bulletproof. Not all ballistic glasses are necessarily for tactical use, and not all tactical glasses are ballistically rated.

The official U.S. Army homepage in Ophthalmologists illustrates the huge need for ballistic glasses for members of the Armed Forces for combat trauma management. Combat eye trauma has stabilized due to widespread implementation of eye protection in the military. The vast majority of battle eye injuries are due to the detonation of high-energy projectiles and improvised explosive devices rather than gunshots or explosions. Combat ocular trauma is more complex and more likely to involve multiple body systems than civilian ocular trauma.

2. The importance of ballistic glasses prevention

About 15% of battlefield trauma injuries occur to the eyes. In the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq alone, military personnel suffered more than 200,000 eye injuries. About 75 percent of service members who suffer traumatic brain injuries also have vision problems. About 70% of our total sensory awareness comes from sight, making it the most critical of the five senses, especially in combat conditions. These statistics show the need for congressional funding and underscore the importance of research to treat eye injuries. The data also help underscore the importance of prevention through ballistic glasses. These data help strengthen the demand for ballistic ballistic eyewear.

Ballistic glasses are commercially available to anyone who wishes to buy them. People who use ballistic glasses include those who regularly use firearms or engage in activities where their eyes or face may be exposed to small debris. This includes many people who work in manufacturing. Military personnel may need to use ballistic glasses, especially during combat. ballistic glasses are also often used by hunters because of the potential for bouncing or the recoil of the gun that could lead to injury.

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