Military Jacket

Military Jacket

There are many styles about military jacket, but the most popular jackets are military parka and m65 field jacket in armed forces. Hood is optional for military dress jacket, and tactical camouflage design suitable to be worn by armed forces, Law Enforcement, Special Operations. Xinxing Jihua army jacket manufacturers welcome military jacket wholesale and OEM/ODM orders.

Military Jacket
Military Jacket Types
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Military Jacket

What is military jacket?

 The military jacket, compared with the winter regular uniform, uses a zipper type, which is more comfortable to wear in the work. And Xinxing Jihua has high-quality army jacket wholesale for you. 

The military jacket types are getting richer and more applicable, not only taking into account the beauty and generosity to enhance the facial attractiveness of soldiers, but also more comfortable. By interspersing multiple gradient colors, overlaying mud dots and the integrated use of light highlights and dark shadows, camouflage in this way can better meet the camouflage needs of multiple terrains such as woodlands, deserts and cities, as well as multiple terrain mixed combat contexts.  Xinxing Jihua is one of the most experienced army jacket manufacturers in the world, and we offer high quality army jacket wholesale service for customers. If you take interest in army jacket wholesale, do trust us.

Who makes the best military jackets?

With the development of science and technology and economy, the role of military uniforms is increasingly developing in the direction of functional integration and special protection and the need of military jacket wholesale is increasing too.

Such as training uniforms from monochrome to camouflage color, and will become a multifunctional field uniform with fire, rain, cold, heat, detection and breathable, comfortable to wear. Focus on the study of special work clothes.

Military jackets with materials, more chemical fiber blends or pure chemical fiber fabrics and wadding materials to reduce the weight of clothing. This is one of the advantages of wholesale military jackets.

The structure of military uniforms, the use of multi-layer matching, so that it has good cold-proof and warm performance and adjustment performance. For regular uniforms and dresses, the main purpose is to improve the appearance and comfort of wearing, while focusing on economy and clothing size. As a peofessional manufactuer of wholesale military jackets, we have the best products and service. If you want to buy wholesale army jackets, don't hesitate to contact us.

Q When Should A Military Jacket Be Worn?

Generally, military jacket is water resistant and comes complete with a removable liner, under cold circumstance or raining day, military jacket is very good choose to both army and civilian.

Q Which Is The Most Classic Combat Jacket?

Of course M65 military jacket. M65 uses high-tech fabrics and designs, no cumbersome decoration, making it a comfortable and reliable military coat in any weather.

Q Do You Accept Customized Military Jackets?

Yes, welcome OEM or ODM order, we can customize military coat and jacket according to your request, just let me know your detailed information.

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