The Protection Level and Design Features of Bulletproof Shields

The Protection Level and Design Features of Bulletproof Shields

Bulletproof shields can provide good protection for the action personnel. The action personnel are usually arranged in a column, behind the bulletproof shield, and are usually detached when carrying out a frontal assault on a besieged target. So why does the bulletproof shield have such a powerful function, and what are the characteristics of the design? In operation, one hand usually holds the shield and the other hand uses weapons such as guns. What are the protection levels of bulletproof shields?

1. What are the protection levels of bulletproof shields?

Bulletproof shields made by military supplies suppliers are generally classified by size, which can be divided into ultra-small (450mm×650mm), small (550mm×650mm), medium (550mm×1000mm), large (600mm×1300mm) and super large (600mm×1750mm).

Bulletproof shields also have strict protection standards. The National Institute of Justice has set the 7-level standards for bulletproof shields—Class I, Class IIA, Class II, Class IIIA, Class III, Class IV and Special class.

Class I can protect against 0.22 inch pistol bullet and 0.38 inch special pistol bullet; Class IIA can protect against 0.357 inch Magnum bullet and 9mm pistol bullet (low muzzle velocity, such as 0.380 inch ACP bullets); Class II can protect against 0.357 inch Magnum bullet and 9mm pistol bullet (high muzzle velocity, such as 9mm Balabellum bullet); Class IIIA can protect against 0.44 inch Magnum bullet and 9mm submachine gun shooting; Class III can protect against 0.308 inch Winchester armored bullets and 7.62×39mm bullets; Class IV can protect against 0.30-06 inch bullets, 7.62mm NATO bullets armor-piercing bullets and 7.62×54mmR bullets; Special class is a customized level for special bullets. There are many opportunities for special police to use bulletproof shields. However, because the special police mostly use medium-sized bulletproof shields, sometimes they also install tactical lights, which are basically Class ⅢA, and they will also use Class Ⅲ when necessary, but the total quality of the two is very different.

2. What are the functional design characteristics of bulletproof shields?

(1) The best bulletproof shield adopts curved surface design, reaching the third-level bulletproof level. Bulletproof shields are usually made of bulletproof materials such as lightweight alloys or polystyrene. Due to its large size, even if lightweight materials are used, it usually weighs 10 to 15 kilograms.

(2) The horizontally designed handle is helpful for long-term carrying. The distance between the handle and the bulletproof shield is not less than 7 cm to ensure that when the warhead hits the shield, the deformation that occurs does not compress the hand.

(3) The lower part of the bulletproof shield is designed with a restricting crossbar to ensure a certain distance between the body and the bulletproof shield.

(4) The supporting points of all additional devices are located on the edge of the bulletproof shield, so as not to affect the bulletproof ability of the center of the bulletproof shield.

(5) The surveillance window on the bulletproof shield is made of multi-layer polycarbonate material and is consistent with the curved surface of the bulletproof shield.

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