Fast Tactical Helmet

Fast Tactical Helmet

The traditional ballistic helmet design is just a protective device, not as a comprehensive load-bearing system. The new FAST helmet adds guide rails and Velcro, obviously to equip night vision goggles, headlights and other tactical accessories to strengthen special operations capabilities. Its original intention is to meet the demand for head equipment by increasing integration of soldiers currently in the field. Tactical accessories are very important for special forces, they can meet a variety of different combat environments. The most important thing is to protect the heads, eyes, and ears of soldiers in the field that are often injured. Soldiers now can indeed be protected more adequately than before. FAST is the abbreviation of Future Assault Shell Technology. The design of this FAST helmet not only meets the protection requirements, but also considers the integration and satisfies the requirements and impact of the installation of various equipment on the soldier’s head, solves the problems of shooting and observation at night, improves the efficiency of combat, and protects the soldiers to successfully complete task.

Ballistic helmets are usually used to protect against bullets or fragments. Experiments show that bulletproof helmets made of UHMWPE fibers or Aramid fibers are effective. This military product made by ballistic helmet supplier is light and easy to wear, suitable for complex combat missions. 

Besides FAST ballistic helmets, XinXing JiHua also provides other types of ballistic helmets, such as MICH helmets, PASGT helmets and so on.

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