Combat Uniform

Combat Uniform

Besides popular combat uniform such as ACU uniform, BDU uniform, DCU uniform, many countries would like to choose custom military combat uniform according to 

specific characteristics, armed forces requirement and geographical environment. As army uniform manufacturer, XinXing JiHua welcome OEM & ODM combat dress 

orders, high quality uniform fabric and updated textile technology will be available for production.

Combat Uniform
Combat Uniform Types
Multicam Army Uniform Romania Army Force
Army Combat Uniform (ACU) Tactical Camouflage
Desert Combat Uniform (DCU) Digital Camouflage
Desert Storm Army Uniform with a Detachable Hood
Woodland Camo Uniform for Russian Army Forces
Army Winter Uniform for Russian Military Soldier
Soldier Combat Uniform
Army Hot Weather Uniform
Combat Uniform

Characteristics of Combat Uniform Materials

With the development of science and technology and economy, in order to adapt to the requirements of combat under the conditions of information technology, training uniforms will have a number of functions such as protection, stealth, communication information, physiological performance monitoring, etc. The materials of training uniforms will be made of new nano-materials with small specific gravity, good elasticity, high strength, ability to change color and temperature and specially treated chemical fiber as the main body of the textile, and there will be a set of breathable, lightweight, comfortable to wear, fireproof, anti-detection and various Different uses of training clothes in one.

What Does the Military Wear in Combat?

Combat uniform is the standard clothing worn by military personnel in special environments such as combat, training, labor and military duty. Its main characteristics are light and durable. With good protection performance, combat uniform adapts to the needs of battlefield activities and ordinary training. By category, there are basic training uniforms and special training uniforms; by protective color, there are single-color general training uniforms and multi-color combination camouflage training uniforms. Combat uniforms are usually common for officers and soldiers, mostly made of synthetic fibers and cotton blends, but also made of pure cotton fabrics and pure chemical fiber fabrics with special treatment. The basic combat uniforms mainly refer to the combat training uniforms worn by the troops of various countries, mainly including the army, which are different from all kinds of special uniforms. Combat uniforms are usually divided into two categories, plain and camouflage, depending on their colors.

Q What part of the whole Combat Uniform?

Many parts comprise a whole combat suit, but not all parts are needed by you. You can customize suitable combat uniform according to special request. For example, a whole ACU uniform including ACU patrol cap, ACU patrol cap rank, reverse flag patch, unit patches, ACU velcro, ACU jacket, ACU pants, military boots, socks and blousing garters and other. 

Q How to choose combat uniform?

According to armed forces type, training environment, battle field, mission, camouflage color, function and other request, we can supply you optimized solution. 

Q Do you have combat uniform in stock?

No stock. We don't retail military uniform, all of combat uniform will be customized according to different request. 

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