Specifications and Usage of Riot Control Shields

Specifications and Usage of Riot Control Shields

The riot control shield is a defensive device commonly used by public security agencies and riot police to suppress group riots. It can effectively block attacks from stones, sticks, glass and other objects, as well as be used to jab attackers, playing an important role in protecting the personal safety of riot police. So how to use a riot control shield? Let's learn about the use of riot control shields below.

Riot control shield specification standards

The riot control shield specification standards include the following:

  • GA422-2003 "riot control shield" standard.

  • Product specifications: 900mm * 500mm * 35mm, can also be customized according to requirements.

  • Product material: high-quality transparent PC material.

  • Light transmittance: 84%.

  • Impact resistance: 147J kinetic energy impact.

  • Puncture resistance: test knife, 20J kinetic energy penetration.

  • Handle connection strength: 2500N.

  • Product quality: 2.5kg.

Use of riot control shield

  • Insert the left arm through the strap, grip the handle tightly, and place your fingers on the switch button.

  • If the shield comes with functions such as electric shock, strong light, and ballistic firing, turn on the corresponding switch first. When the indicator light is on, touch the switch button to activate the electric shock or strong light function.

  • After use, just close the safety switch to stop it. When using the firing device, insert the required ammunition into the bottom of the firing tube, and then open the corresponding safety switch. When the indicator light is on, open the firing switch of the corresponding position to launch the projectile.

  • When facing danger, the first thing to consider is how to protect oneself. Grab the shield with both hands, squat down, look ahead, and assume a defensive position. This can both protect oneself and attack.

  • When under attack, if a criminal stabs with a sharp knife, quickly block it with the shield. Move your left leg forward, followed by your right leg. Grip the shield tightly and strike upward at a 45-degree angle. If the attacker attacks from the right, use the shield to block to the left, and if they attack from the left, use the shield to block to the right.

  • Impact function: when you find a good opportunity, quickly launch an attack with the shield's force, preventing the attacker from using their weapon effectively.

  • Jabbing: using the shield to attack is a good choice as it can both attack and defend. Grab the shield tightly with both hands and jab the opponent's chest at a 45-degree angle from top to bottom, which can effectively subdue the opponent.

  • Surround attack: everyone holds a riot control shield, forming a circle to surround the opponent and attacking them from the center, which can effectively subdue the opponent.

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