Police Uniform

Police Uniform

The police uniform is an important symbol of police identity and law enforcement and reflects the police-style of a country. Building a high-quality and capable team is the guarantee for comprehensively improving the overall quality of the industry. Unlike military uniform, polices around the world have their own police uniform styles. Generally applicable to police on duty, training, and maintenance of public order.

Police Uniform
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Police Uniform

What is a police uniform called?

Police uniforms are the special formal clothing of the people's police, which is an important symbol of the identity of the people's police and an important reflection of the image of the people's police. At present, police uniform in China is mainly divided into duty uniforms, regular uniforms, multi-functional uniforms, training uniforms, outerwear type of standard shirts, and so on. According to the needs of the police on duty, police uniforms have been carefully considered in different climates, different occasions, different tasks, and the carrying and use of police equipment. We are a professional police uniform maker, if you have such needs, do contact us.

What are the three types of police uniforms?

  • Duty uniform: generally patrol site or outdoor work attire. Mainly divided into spring and autumn duty uniforms, summer duty uniforms, and winter duty uniforms.

  • Permanent uniform: similar to western-style clothes, need to wear a standard shirt and tie. Generally in meetings or large events or is the work attire of the authorities.

  • Training uniforms: also known as police training uniforms, police special training uniforms, etc., used for patrol police, special police, etc. to deal with emergencies, the implementation of the task of pursuit, and training to wear. Training clothes fabric using scratch-resistant cloth, feel the good, breathable effect, lightweight and compact, to adapt to the training requirements of the breakdown of tactical action. The main features of police training uniforms are comfortable, wear-resistant, and anti-tear.

Q What Is The Biggest Difference Between Police Uniforms And Military Uniforms?

The fabric designs are different. Camouflage fabrics are mostly used for military uniforms, and plain colors are generally used for police uniforms.

Q Are The Police Uniforms Here Only For The Police?

No, the police uniform here is a general term. Such as SWAT, law enforcement officers all can wear it.

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