Is Ballistic Helmet Really Bulletproof?

Is Ballistic Helmet Really Bulletproof?

Everyone knows that the battlefield is very dangerous, especially under the rain of guns and bullets in modern warfare. An inconspicuous bullet that does not draw people's attention may kill soldiers. Therefore, in order to protect the safety of soldiers and meet the requirements of continuous combat, all countries will equip their soldiers with corresponding defensive equipment on the battlefield.

1. About the ballistic helmet

Bulletproof helmets are equipment that can absorb and dissipate the energy of the warhead, prevent penetration, reduce blunt injuries, and effectively protect the human head. Riot gear helmet is mainly suitable for equipping military combatants and police, and they are mainly divided into Japanese and German helmets. Bulletproof helmets are divided into three categories: metal, non-metal, composite of metal and non-metal according to the material of the helmet. The bulletproof helmet can be used with a bulletproof face shield. The bulletproof face shield can effectively protect the human face without affecting normal observation and further improve the protection ability.

2. Is a ballistic helmet really bulletproof?

We are familiar with bulletproof vests and bulletproof helmets. Although many people have not seen these equipment made by ballistic helmet supplier with their own eyes, people who have played games know how much protection a high-quality bulletproof vest and bulletproof helmet can bring to them. Especially a bulletproof helmet has a very good protective effect on the human head.

In fact, the early bulletproof helmets were designed to protect the soldiers' heads. With the change of manufacturing materials, bulletproof helmets are no longer steel products. At present, the main materials for making bulletproof helmets are ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber and aramid fiber. Bulletproof helmets made of composite materials have more functions compared to the steel bulletproof helmets at that time. The helmet made of UHMWPE fiber is lighter, and its protective ability is greatly improved, which can effectively prevent the human head from being damaged by the pistol shrapnel.

The bulletproof standard NIJ 0106.01 for bulletproof helmets proposed and put into use by the Law Enforcement Standards Laboratory of the National Bureau of Standards, stipulates the performance and other requirements that helmets must meet, and meets the needs of criminal justice agencies for high-quality bulletproof helmets. This standard divides bulletproof helmets into three grades based on their bulletproof performance, NIJ Ⅰ, NIJ Ⅱ and NIJ Ⅲ. According to the document, in each grade the product must pass the corresponding hazard level test. The specific test content is shown in the following table:


测试内容 Test content

性能要求 Performance requirements

防护等级 Protection level

子弹类型 Bullet type

标称子弹重量 Nominal bullet weight

 建议枪管长度 Recommended barrel length 

子弹速度 Bullet speed

射击次数 Number of shots

允许击穿次数 Permitted number of breakdowns

铅芯弹 Lead bullet

圆头铅芯弹 Round head lead bullet

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