How Are Stab Proof Vests Different from Other Protective Gear?

How Are Stab Proof Vests Different from Other Protective Gear?

As the struggle to contain the pandemic of COVID-19 continues, the world is now on high alert. With most people trying to do their part to help, one of the most visible jobs is our frontline professionals who provide time and energy while risking their health and lives. However, even if they make selfless sacrifices to save lives, they will still be discriminated against and attacked, even at work. That's why being prepared never fails.

Ⅰ. Why choose stab proof vests?

Unlike firearms, sharp materials such as knives, scissors, and paper cutters are readily available. Even without a license, ordinary people can buy it in a bookstore, supermarket or hardware store. The cost of these objects is not high, which makes it easier for anyone to use it.

Unfortunately, these sharp objects can also be used as weapons. An attacker can possess one and carry out a close-range attack that can be fatal if it damages vital organs of the body, including the heart and arteries. How can the risk of injury and death be reduced in such an attack? Your best choice is a stab proof vest with functions such as anti-cutting, anti-cutting, anti-stabbing, anti-scratching, wear-resistant, anti-theft and other functions.

Ⅱ. The difference between the stab proof vests and other protective equipment

Many people may be wondering how stab proof vests are different from other bulletproof gear such as bulletproof vests? Let's take a closer look at this specific type of protective gear. There are various types of body armor. While most are used as bulletproof armor full body, some are designed to prevent attacks with sharp objects. They include:

1) Stab proof vest: It is the protective clothing that can best prevent being stabbed by sharp-edged objects or knives. Stab proof vests are usually made of polyethylene, which gives the garment a rigid structure. Some brands of stab proof vests have aluminum panels added around the body for enhanced protection of key parts of the body.

2) Cut-resistant clothing: It is a kind of protective gear with lighter material, which can be favored by many people as daily wear.

3) Anti-slash clothing: This type of protective clothing is designed to protect people from violent attacks. However, its ability to protect the wearer from stab wounds is low.

Some bulletproof vests are designed to protect their users from bullet threats. Note, however, that bulletproof vests are not very good for stab protection. On the other hand, stab proof vest clothing may not be bulletproof.

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