Do Ordinary People Need Bulletproof Vests?

Do Ordinary People Need Bulletproof Vests?

1. What is a bulletproof vest?

Bulletproof vests are also called bullet-proof vests, bullet-proof suits, personal protective equipment, etc., which are used to protect the human body from warheads or shrapnel. The bullet-proof vest is mainly composed of two parts: a jacket and a bullet-proof layer. Clothing covers are often made of chemical fiber fabrics. The bulletproof layer can absorb the kinetic energy of the bullet or shrapnel, and has obvious protective effect on the low-speed bullet or shrapnel, and can reduce the damage to the human chest and abdomen under the control of a certain depression. Bulletproof vests include infantry bulletproof vests, pilot bulletproof vests and artillery bulletproof vests. According to the appearance, it can be divided into bulletproof vests, full-protection bulletproof vests, ladies bulletproof vests and other types.

2. Why do ordinary people need bulletproof vests?

There are many reasons why ordinary people wear bulletproof vests. It may be for:

In the event of violent crimes and mass shootings, many people feel safer in public or when sending their children to school, because they know that they have a bulletproof equipment on them that can save precious time and save their lives. When some civilians go out, they will choose concealable bulletproof vests with soft bulletproof panels. Others prefer multi-functional armor, such as bulletproof backpack insert level 4 or bags, or even full body bulletproof suit. Class IIIA versions of these items can resist pistol penetration of up to 0.44 Magnum, just like bulletproof vests, you never know that they have armor plates in them.

When you live or work in an area with a high crime rate, you are more likely to be a victim of a violent attack. Even if you just walk from the front door to the car, you will face all kinds of threats, from shooting with a car to robbery with a gun or knife. Not everyone can choose to live or work in a safer place. This is why some people in these dangerous locations wear bulletproof vests. It is usually a concealable bulletproof vest that can prevent bullets or stab wounds. Imagine being a gas station clerk in a dangerous neighborhood, sitting in front of a cash register full of money all day long. If you wear a concealed bulletproof vest, it can resist the penetration of the most common pistol ammunition and street blades.

Some hunters or sports shooters choose to wear bulletproof protection. They know that they are not the intended target, but accidents may happen. In addition, there are often many forests with blurred vision between them and other hunter groups, and sometimes they misunderstand and mistype. Hunters wearing bulletproof vests tend to choose carriers with hard armor plates, usually Class Ⅲ or Class Ⅲ+, because this is the only level that can prevent rifle shooting.

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