What Equipment is Included in the Security Eight-piece Suit?

What Equipment is Included in the Security Eight-piece Suit?

In recent years, with the development of society, people's living standards and surrounding security systems have also been gradually improved. However, some riots created by illegal elements are still unavoidable, and densely populated places such as campuses, banks, enterprises, and subways need to strengthen response and protection. Therefore, the eight-piece security set came into being, which can better assist police officers in patrols, security, and duties. So what is included in these eight-piece sets?

The police equipment in the eight-piece security set produced by XINXING JIHUA includes stab-resistant suits, shields, anti-riot steel forks, catchers, anti-riot helmets, batons, flashlights and anti-cut gloves.

The introduction of the security eight-piece product:

1. Anti-stab clothing

The liner of the stab-resistant suit is divided into hard liner and soft liner. The styles are divided into hard, soft and summer mesh, and the colors are divided into black and camouflage. Its protective area is 0.3 square meters, and it uses a high-manganese steel plate stacking riveting process. Our stab-resistant clothing has a test report and can be customized.

2. Anti riot shield

The bulletproof shield for sale is made of brand new imported Bayer PC material, transparency> 88%, thickness is 3mm/3.5mm/4mm/4.5mm/5mm optional, size is 500mm*900mm, the impact test exceeds 1000 times without breaking and there is a test report . The riot shield supports customization and printing.

3. Riot steel fork

The anti-riot steel fork is made of stainless steel, the diameter of the tube is 35mm for the thick tube, 28mm for the thin tube, the telescopic length is 130cm, and the extension length is 205cm. It uses a high-strength plastic telescopic bar, sturdy one-piece welding, detachable fork head, and adopts a non-slip handle design.

4. The catcher

The catcher is made of stainless steel, with a contracted length of 124cm and an extended length of 200cm. It adopts a protective handle design, high-strength plastic telescopic parts, one-key unlocking, and has the characteristics of strong hardness, light weight, telescopic, no bending or deformation, and flexible use.

5. Anti riot helmet

The helmets made by ballistic helmet supplier are made of high polymer PC polyester material, and the colors are available in black and white. The styles are divided into luxurious leather cap linings and ordinary plastic cap linings. The inner size of the cap shell is 24cm long*21cm wide*14cm high. It has the characteristics of impact resistance, knock resistance, strong impact resistance, and strong seismic performance, and it meets the testing standards of the Ministry of Public Security.

6. Cut-resistant gloves

The cut-resistant gloves are made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, and polyester low-stretch yarn is woven as the inner layer to enhance the softness of the gloves. The anti-cutting level is up to level 5, the abrasion resistance level is level 3, the tear resistance coefficient is level 4, and the colors are black and white. The products are mainly used for personal protection, public security and violence, mechanical processing, product processing, etc.

7. Bright flashlight

The glare flashlight is made of 6061-T6 aviation aluminum, with a total length of 152mm, a maximum diameter of φ33mm, and a working voltage of DC3.7V. Its service life is more than 1000 times, and its functions include strong light, burst flash, and weak light.

8. Rubber baton

The length of the rubber baton is 48cm, the head diameter is 3cm, and the material is made of brand new rubber and steel springs. Its impact resistance meets the general standard of anti-riot sticks, the strength can bear 50 kg without breaking, and it has a hanging buckle, which is convenient to carry.

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