Bulletproof Shield

Bulletproof Shield

Bulletproof Shield can effectively protect the user's torso and neck. The most significant advantage of applying new material is light weight besides good protection. The Ballistic Material is optional by UHMWPE UD fabric or ceramic, which is stronger than steel shield suitable for the armed police, anti-terrorism.

Bulletproof Shield
Bulletproof Shield Types
Portable Bulletproof Shield
Level 4 Bulletproof Shield
Bulletproof Shield

Bulletproof Shield for Police

Bulletproof shield as the name implies is a shield with a certain degree of bulletproof ability. The traditional bulletproof shield is a rectangular with curved piece of object, usually behind the handle will be easy to hold. While defending against enemy attacks, the shield is simply raised in front of the user to cover the head and body, thus providing comprehensive protection for the user. However, with the continuous progress of the protection industry, a variety of protective products are changing day by day, in function, appearance, and the use of design also continue to progress, more and more suitable for all kinds of use scenarios and in line with human use habits.

Types of Bulletproof Shields

By Size

Bulletproof shields are generally classified by size and can be classified as ultra-small (450mm x 650mm), small (550mm x 650mm), medium (550mm x 1000mm), large (600mm x 1300mm) and extra-large (600mm x 1750mm). Bulletproof shields also have strict protection standards, the U.S. National Institute of Justice (National Institute of justice) set the 7 levels of bulletproof shields standards - Level I, Level IIA, Level II, Level IIIA, Level III, Level IV and special level.

By Shape

From the shape and design can be divided into ordinary handheld bulletproof shields, folding bulletproof shields, briefcase bulletproof shields, ladder bulletproof shields, cart bulletproof shields.

Applicability of Bulletproof Shield

When choosing and using a bulletproof shield, the first thing we need to take into account is whether it can meet the needs of the scenario in which it is used. For most soldiers, it is easy to use a bulletproof shield for cover and defense, but it is difficult to match the shield and firearm well for free attack and defense. Moreover, as the number and intensity of crimes escalate, one has to use bulletproof shields in some unsuitable combat conditions, which in turn can adversely affect the tactical personnel's operations and thus pose a risk to life safety.

Choose the Right Level of Bulletproof Shield

Like many firearms and armaments, there are many types of bulletproof shields. Therefore, we must fully understand the combat scenarios and conditions to choose whether or not we should equip bulletproof shields, and if we need to equip bulletproof shields, we should choose the right level of defense shield according to the type of threat we need to face during combat, and conduct combat training on the use of the shield's operational method to better use it in conjunction with firearms to achieve a perfect combination of offense and defense on the battlefield.

In tactical activities in complex environments with narrow spaces, tactical personnel should be more likely to not use or use shields that are smaller, lighter, and easier to operate. But in more open and spacious combat scenarios, it is more important to equip a shield with a larger protective area and a higher level of protection, because it can provide more comprehensive protection for the combatants.

Q Is Bulletproof Shield Better Than Bulletproof Vest?

No, they are different. Bulletproof shield is an extremely effective bulletproof equipment, which can be used with body armor to achieve the best use effect. But bulletproof shields also have limitations in use, because they are too heavy and inconvenient to move. And it can only provide protection in one direction, so its use range is very narrow.

Q Who And What Environment Is More Suitable To Use Bulletproof Shields?

forces when performing indoor operations. Due to the relatively large weight of bulletproof shields, people holding shields generally only carry pistols. The latter will be arranged in columns to reduce the bombed area.

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