Ballistic Helmet

Ballistic Helmet

For people who combat in battle field and perform dangerous tasks, ballistic helmets are very important. According to different combat environments and mission types, people will choose different types and protection levels and different styles of bulletproof helmets. There are many factors, such as bulletproof combat helmet suspender, shape, weight and shape will effect performance and comfort for the wearer.

Ballistic Helmet
Ballistic Helmet Types
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Ballistic Helmet

Ballistic Helmet Design

In combat all soldiers wear helmets. In modern warfare, bulletproof combat helmets are indispensable protection in combat. Helmets are designed in a circular shape. One is because the rounded helmet can cover most of the human head, suitable for human beings to wear helmets, the second is because this shape of bulletproof combat helmet allows the bullets from the side of the shooting to follow the curvature of the helmet is bounced away, and will not cause great harm to soldiers. Although the current bulletproof combat helmet has not reached the point where it can withstand all bullets, but the battlefield is equipped with helmets greatly, improving the survival rate of soldiers. As a highly acclaimed ballistic helmet supplier, we can offer you all types of helmets you want.

Functions of Ballistic Helmet

Today's bulletproof helmets have become an essential part of the security equipment of some police agencies and the military. Its function is not only limited to the military, any organization or even individuals who need security protection can also be equipped with ballistic helmets according to their needs. For example, special police forces, riot police, and even patrol police can be equipped with ballistic helmets. Ballistic helmets have different levels of protection, and these levels are usually tested according to the standards of the National Institute of Justice (NIJ).NIJ protection levels are rated according to the level of resistance to bullets. Generally speaking, Class III and IV can defend against ordinary rifle bullets; NIJ Class I to III can resist various handgun bullets.

Bulletproof combat helmet in fact, in addition to a certain degree of ballistic protection, its main role is to resist the impact of broken pieces and other objects. For law enforcement and security personnel this is very important. In particular, police and security departments have a higher chance of encountering impact weapons, projectiles and other head impact hazards. Therefore, it is equally important for bulletproof combat helmet to be bulletproof and impact resistant.

Advantages of Level 3 Ballistic Helmet

Waterproof, anti-magnetic and resistant to UV aging and chemical corrosion resistance. 

Product lower frontal band length and cap size adjustable, wear reliable, stable, comfortable, easy to disassemble, replace and maintain. 

The helmet has better shock absorption when receiving bullet impact and better heat dissipation to the top of the head.

Q Are Ballistic Helmets Only Be Used For Bullet Proof?

No, In fact, in addition to a certain degree of bulletproof function, its main function is to resist the impact of fragments and other objects. This is very important for law enforcement and security personnel.

Q How To Choose Ballistic Helmet?

For special forces, maneuverability and skills are often more important than protection. For them, FAST's ear-cutting is obviously the best choice, and it can also reduce weight objectively. For ordinary soldiers who do not have communication requirements, a traditional helmet with full protection is the best choice.

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