How Does a Bulletproof Vest Stop a Bullet?

How Does a Bulletproof Vest Stop a Bullet?

Bulletproof vests are an item they take for granted in police work. If more law enforcement knew better that the vest saved their lives, they wouldn't be so shy about the mission.

1. Bulletproof vests are not actually bulletproof

The term "bulletproof vest" is actually a misnomer. The vest is actually bulletproof. The reality is that bulletproof vests do not protect the wearer from all threats. Nothing is bulletproof, even manhole covers. In rare cases, bullets can pass through vests that are thought to stop them. The bullet may have jagged edges or something like that. Bulletproof vests don't make the wearer superman. The body armor is designed to absorb the impact of the projectile. Depending on the grade of the vest, it may be more absorbent than other vests. That doesn't make it bulletproof. Most manufacturers avoid the term when naming vests, even when vests meet the highest standards.

Many gun enthusiasts overlook the lethal potential of some pistol calibers. However, any bullet traveling at high speed, large or small, will pass through body armor. 0.44 large pistol rounds such as Magnum and 0.45 ACP will travel at a slower speed, which allows body armor to stop them. However, 0.357 SIG and 9mm guns travel at a faster speed and cannot easily stop them. Important note: Shotgun shells are very dangerous for people wearing bulletproof vests, because bulletproof vests are not suitable for these types of bullets. The reason? The casings don't have a consistent speed.

2. How does the fabric of the Kevlar bulletproof vest stop the bullet?

Kevlar bulletproof vests are made of very strong polyester fibers. This material can stop bullets, similar to the way a net can stop tennis or volleyball. It turns the bullet, slows down and transfers its energy to the entire panel. Bullet mushrooms, which helps this process. Remember, the slower the bullet speed, the better the wearer's body will be. A bullet with a hard tip or fired at high speed will pass through the fibers and directly through the bulletproof vest.

3. The service life of bulletproof vest

Most body armor in the United States has a standard National Institute of Justice five-year service rating. When wearing a bulletproof vest every day, it loses protection faster than a vest placed on a shelf. No matter how short or long the bulletproof vest is worn, the bulletproof vest should be carefully checked for any signs of damage, creases, tears, smells and burns. If properly maintained, the bulletproof vest should last five years, so be sure to follow the maintenance instructions for the bulletproof vest.

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