Military Survival Tent
Military Survival Tent
Camo Military Tent
Survival Tent

Military Survival Tent

Military tents also known as cotton tents, civilian tents, construction tents, mobile tents, etc., general-purpose tents for military and civilian use. Special for military tent is very essential in a complex field environment, which can ensure safety when soldiers are resting.

Military Survival Tent Features

  • Utilization area:37.28㎡.

  • Stand 8 level wind or 8 cm thick snowload; Erect and withdraw under all weather condition, used as accomodation and office.

  • The tent is intergrated and is erected or withdraled with 10 minutes.

  • The tent fabric is 600D camouflage polyester waterproof silver oxford, the inter tent fabric is white silver cloth. the tent frame is made of thin wall aluminium alloy tubes with hub plates consist of folded frame.

Military Survival Tent Specifications

Model No.


Space Size


Tarpaulin material

600D Oxford


Aluminum alloy pipe


Waterproof and wind resistance


Camouflage or customized

Military Survival Tent Advantage

  • Higher quality tarpaulin

Ordinary construction tents use awning fabrics and usually Oxford cloth, but the tent fabrics used in military tents are waterproof canvas and have no peculiar smell. Therefore, military tents not only have more comprehensive specifications, but also use higher quality tarpaulins than ordinary construction tents, which can provide everyone with a more comfortable and warm living space.

  • Good stability

Compared with ordinary tents, the internal brackets of military tents use galvanized round pipes and are also equipped with ground beams, which make the structure more reasonable and therefore have higher stability. The materials used are not only light in weight, and high in tensile strength. It also has the advantages of high acid and alkali resistance, can withstand eight-level wind and eight-centimeter-thick snow loads at the same time, and can be used safely in various harsh outdoor environments.

  • Easy to carry and transport

The packaging of military tents is small, all parts are packed in cloth bags, and the shape is neat and regular, so that it can be transported remotely with the vehicle, even if it is short-distance transportation by manpower, it is very convenient. In addition, because the military tent adopts a steel frame structure, the structure is simple, so it is convenient to expand and retract, and it can be erected or retracted in a short time.

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