Portable Bulletproof Shield
Portable Bulletproof Shield

Portable Bulletproof Shield

This bulletproof shield has multiple functions such as bulletproof and riot, no ricochet, no bulletproof blind spot, which can eliminate penetrating damage. The shield consists of a shield body, observation window components, handles, and components. The shield body is made of high-performance polyethylene non-weft cloth laminated material, which is light in weight, waterproof, anti-ultraviolet, anti-blunt, easy to use and flexible, and easy to observe.

Portable Bulletproof Shield Features

  • Stab-proof,impact-proof and flame-retardant.

  • light weight, strong terrain adaptability, easy to carry, flexible to use, large protective area.

  • Effective against attacks such as 64-style pistol bullets, 54 Pisto, knives, sticks, masonry, bows, crossbows, etc.

Portable Bulletproof Shield Specifications

Model No.



≤ 5.0 kg

Ballistic material


Protection area

≥0.45 ㎡

Protection Level


Light transmittance of observation window


Grip link strength

≥600 N

Armband link strength

≥600 N




2 pieces into one carton

Portable Bulletproof Shield Application

Portable bulletproof shields are usually equipped with two handles on the back for both left-handed and right-handed users, and are also equipped with bulletproof glass observation windows or peepholes to facilitate observation of external conditions. Portable bulletproof shields are mainly suitable for combat scenarios where the terrain is more complex, such as in narrow stairs or passageways where hand-held bulletproof shields are more flexible and can be better matched with guns and other weapons.

Portable bulletproof shield can be used in public security and armed police when surrounding criminals with guns, and it can also be used to deal with sudden mass incidents. It can be used by one person, two people, or multiple people to form a protective wall. Apply to open areas, mountainous areas, and in town streets and buildings.

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